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Virtina provides cutting edge eCommerce solutions. We have a bunch of talented designers and developers who are up-to-date and well versed in the technology of WooCommerce, Volusion and Shopify. We provide top-notch eCommerce solutions at amazingly affordable rates.
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Shopping Feed Management

What our clients say?

Great customer service and very fast! Gigi's team had us fixed within a few hours and all during the holiday! thanks again to Gigi and his team for such an amazing service!

Dalton S

Company Name: Dalton S
Designation: FTI Performance

Our website recently had difficulty with a custom script we had appended to our Volusion store. After looking at the various Experts on the Volusion resources page, I contacted the gentlemen at Virtina. They had the expertise and fixed the problem right away, but of equal importance was their kind treatment of a non-tech business owner! They listened carefully to the problem, reassured me that they understood despite my lack of technical jargon and corrected the issue right away. I would highly recommend them.

Laurel Murphy

Company Name: www.handknitting.com
Designation: Volusion Store Owner

Gigi, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I was with the entire experience with your company. After 40 hours of effort my webmaster suggested that we build a new site from scratch because the site in its current condition could not be fixed. Our life is dependent on a website that works and we did not have that for 22 days. The fact that you were able to diagnose the problem and then propose a solution while we were on the phone was quite a shock to me after 22 days of not being able to get anything done. Further , when you told me that by the following morning if everything went as planned the site would be fixed I really could not believe it. I fully expected you to report new issues that you could not fix or if you could it would cost me a lot more. How refreshing it is to find someone that really knows what they are doing with ANY Woo Commerce issues. The next time I have any problems you will be the first person I speak with. I wish you continued success and my truly heartfelt thanks.

John Thompson

Company Name: myonatural.com
Designation: CEO

"I've been very pleased with your team. I felt like the appropriate amount of time was spent on each step of the process. Communications were excellent every step of the way. This was from the gathering of my specifications to delivery of the end product. I was also pleased in your teams willingness to adapt to the way our company deploys the end product. Thanks you. Look forward to working with you on the next project."

Craig Chamberlin

Company Name: Precision Electric, Inc.
Designation: IT Manager

"I am a web developer myself and have been working with WooCommerce for many years. When I find myself in a situation to difficult or time consuming to fix, I turn to Virtina and rest easy knowing it will be handled quick and affordably. They are my secret weapon to get things done!


Company Name: N.A.I. Multimedia Studios, New Orleans
Designation: Owner

I can’t thank you enough for your programming expertise and business professionalism. Your desire to help me resolve my issue was above all else and it clearly showed. I now have a nice feeling of confidence knowing no matter what kind of website bind I get into, you’re there to bail me out.

Les Greenstein

Company Name: Softball America

"Virtina team have exceeded our highest expectations in every respect. Their sophisticated design and timely execution of the website for our complex web-based business was extraordinary and very reasonably priced. Whether you are designing a website from scatch for a new business or looking to take your existing website to the next level, you would be well served working with the competent professionals at Virtina."

Chuck Eppley

Virtina - Testimonials
Company Name: JW Cake Tops
Designation: Owner

"Wish I'd picked this company first! It's so hard to tell from an ad on a website what the people behind the company are like. I ended up with Virtina after another company messed my site up by not listening to what I needed. Bob at Virtina had a dialog with me to clearly define what I considered to be problems and he then fixed them. I hope to take advantage of their expertise in the future as my business and site grows."

Linda Sparks

Virtina - Testimonials
Company Name: Farthingales Corset Making Supplies
Designation: Founder & CEO

"Virtina my life saver….!! This knowledgeable man was able to resurrect my old site from the dead and breathe life into once more. Along with this he was able to incorporate some nice new unexpected features…a blessing for sure.I will continue to use his services to further enhance our site and bring it to a level beyond my expectations.I highly recommend Virtina for your web site needs."


Virtina - Testimonials
Company Name: saddlesbybaker
Designation: Founder

"As a newcomer in baby industry, Totlings had a tough challenge ahead of itself. We have to educate our potential customer base prior to engaging in a transaction. This was quite the challenge. This is where Bob Alba, the Oz came in, we were quickly introduced to the concept of fast flow, and mock design were made.the delivery was quick and flawless. I highly recommend Virtina as your go-to all-in-1 web solutions!"

Jason S

Virtina - Testimonials
Company Name: Totlings
Designation: VP
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We could successfully add another Volusion store to our...