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11 Magento Extensions To Skyrocket Your Sales (2018 Updated)

Magento is branded as the favorite Content Management System for online stores. The scalability and user-friendliness of Magento permit store owners to operate and manage their site effortlessly. But what makes Magento appealing? The real power of Magento is derived from extensions as it facilitates the implementation of functionalities and features in a customizable manner.

As a store owner, you know how important it is to boost the sale! Here comes the importance of extensions. So are you looking for the same? Confused with choices?

Our Magento Experts have pick 11 best extensions for your Magento store. Here goes the list,

Take a look,

1.One Step Checkout Extension

Shopping carts are vital for e-commerce stores. The complexity in check-out forces visitors to abandon carts. An easy and simple check out procedure is crucial for your business. And this extension allows consumers to finish off the purchase in a convenient manner. This extension simplifies the six-step check-out processes to just one step.Besides, it has a responsive design that makes the store to perform efficiently on all types of devices, i.e.; tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc.

One Step Checkout Extension works well with almost all popular third-party extensions and integrates smoothly with your Magento store. In addition to all these, this extension supports Multiple payment methods too.

2. Reward Points Extension

Customer loyalty is an essential aspect of boosting sales. Reward points extension inspire customers to come back to your store with loyalty points. This extension has multiple ways that give points to customers. When a customer makes an order or complete an action like writing reviews, like and share on social media, invite a friend or refer friends. This extension attracts new customers and also give rise in loyal customer rate. Because 99% of customers come back for purchase through the points or discounts they earn a discount by points.

3. Daily Deal Extension

The daily deal extension is another fantastic extension that boosts your sales. This extension creates multiple deals, manage them and increase the sale volume of any product quickly. It schedules deals for future automatically and displays deals for smooth and easy access to the customer. The very responsive design is another feature of this extension, and it also shows the discount percentage, number of transactions remaining and sold. This feature helps you to be very organized and will help you to enjoy a traffic drive as well as sales.

4. Banner Slider Extension

This extension drives traffic and boosts sales by enabling an eye-pleasing banner at the header which includes an attractive slideshow. For banner display, you can add up to six products and all the sliding effects can be displayed on all devices. In precise, Magento Banner Slider is the most effective way to display a series of images that will catch your customers’ attention at the very first minute; they are posted on your site. Moreover, this helps your promotions to gain complete attention and they will never miss out!

5. Follow up Email Extension

Follow up Email extension has many advanced features. This extension responds to customers’ demands quickly and effectively resulting in positive feedback about your store in customer’s mind. Installing this extension will increase the conversion rate of abandon carts.Reminder emails will be sent to customers, helping them to complete the order fastly. This extension helps to build a positive Customer relationship by wishing them on their special occasion and maintain a personal relationship through constant communication. In short, Follow up Email extension increases sales by ensuring regular communication with customers.

6. Google Shopping Feed

This extension helps customers to view your product on Google ad banner with seller’s name just above the search link. Google shopping list increases sales as well as ranking. If you are looking forward to being featured in that list, you have to use this extension.

7. Instant Search + Now

This extension gives you the inside scoop. It provides site search integration which helps to understand and determine buyer’s intention and behavior. At the same time, it also helps customers to find the very exact products they are searching for. Being an excellent alternative to the default Magento search, this gifts your visitors with the best shopping time, throwing up the most relevant and the very best search results, as well as personalized product and query suggestions.

8. Affiliate Touted

This extension allows you to create the best affiliate program with six different referring methods. By integrating this, it ensures an increase in traffic to your store rapidly. It boosts sales, generates some very well qualified leads, extends your brand awareness, and helps you secure higher search engine rankings. You can even choose the commission type regarding it being fixed or a percentage and proceed to add the preferred rate. In fact, you can also go as far as to differentiate commission/discount levels by the orders – such as “x” for the first order and “y” for the following ones.

9. Ajax Catalog Filter

Developed with the sole intention to absolutely enrich the user experience to the core that your online store provides, the Ajax Catalog Filter helps your customers dynamically filter and fine-tune search results as well as product catalogs. Thus they do not need to leave nor reload a page. Packed with Ajax product filter, Category Views (List & Grid), dynamic pagination, versatile product sorting, and the ability to change the number of items displayed on a page this is quite a powerful extension.

10. FAQ Extension

FAQ Magento extension provides an excellent experience for web shopping. Customers can clear their queries and confusions regarding their preferred product, and It also brings revenue differently.

11. Out of Stock Notification Extension

Today’s customers are keen to know the delivery date and status of a product they are looking for. This extension is useful as it provides an option for customers to subscribe to emails and notifications to know when the product is back to stock! These notifications will inspire Customers to buy the product, a boost for your sale!

Undoubtedly, Magento is the best e-commerce platform for online stores and making the best out of it depends on your skills and knowledge as a store owner. If ever you get stuck any point of time, relax and notify us. We offer expert service as a Magento development team, and we will customize your store according to your business requirement.

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