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12 Things To Consider While Hiring Magento Developers

With eCommerce and m-commerce getting more and more competitive with passing years, every successful entrepreneur is vying to deploy the best platform to bring their e-stores first in the race for success. This is why entrepreneurs prefer efficient and reliable platforms, those that can meet their expectations and bring in that multi-millions they all yearn for. Magento is for those entrepreneurs who cannot say no to success.

Why Magento?

Magento is an efficient, effective, robust platform opted by millions of users to power their websites. It is one of the most capable enterprise-class eCommerce platforms in existence, powering over 25,000 websites (Ref: Official Magento Website). One in every four eCommerce retailer uses Magento for their business needs.

Magento presents its users with visually rich and functionally superior websites and eCommerce stores that are capable of delivering intuitive user experiences. Its extensive features suited for B2C, B2B, and hybrid solutions provide merchants complete command over online store operations, which is indispensable for the growth of any online stores.

In short, Magento gives you a website that is :

  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Easily Customizable
  • SEO Friendly
  • High Performing

Magento Developers – Why Hire Any?

Though Magento is easy to use, it demands a high level of coding within a heavy framework. You will need the expertise of skilled developers to crack the codes. Hire a proficient and experienced certified Magento expert who can build your site the way you want, provide value for your money, and take your business to the next level.

Magento developers fall into two categories:

  • Dedicated/Full-Time Developers
  • Freelancers

You can choose either depending on your project requirement. We would still suggest you go for a dedicated developer owing to their working as a team and for a responsible Magento development company.

Points to Ponder When You Hire Magento Developers

You need to consider specific factors while you choose your Magento developers:

 1. Understanding Your Business Plan: The ideal way to go about this is to map out your exact business plan and website requirements, and get a basic understanding of Magento before you approach the developer. This will enable you to sail through the business discussions with relevant questions and choose the perfect team that matches your specifications.

2. Skill Set and Certifications: You need to appoint a highly efficient team of seasoned Magento certified developers with the right skill set and knowledge of the CMS. It is optimal that they possess valid certifications in Magento development and a fine understanding of the current eCommerce business ecosystem.

3. Update on Technology: The Magento experts you hire need to be abreast of the latest technological know-how to keep your website updated to the latest versions of the platform. They should be adept at integrating your store with the latest innovations for your multivendor marketplace. From theme integration, extension and module development, payment gateway integration to the final hosting, the developer needs to be hands-on about all facets of the platform.

4. Experience and Expertise: Your certified Magento expert team should be armed with an impressive track record of multiple successful projects, delivered to clients across the globe, over an extended period. They should be able to do Magento customizations and tweaks precisely in line with your brand design.

5. Background Portfolio Check: A refined understanding of their past portfolio will give you an insight into how effective they will be in performing the tasks that your website requires.

6. Response and Client Interaction: You need to choose a team that gives you a transparent report on the work progress and keeps you in the know on the changes. It is better to find someone who has seamless multiple communication methods like phone, email and chats options.

7. Technical Support: Availability of continuous customer support is mandatory for applications created always to run seamlessly. You should look for developers who provide assistance during the completion of the project and for future technical glitches and dilemmas. Such support is commonly provided only by reputed Magento development companies.

8. Delivery Within Timelines: The significant factor to consider is a client-centric approach that ensures the delivery of tailored solutions which matches your unique business needs. A proven work methodology focused on timely completion is paramount to stave off the loss of your time, potential customers, and revenue.

9. Boosting Store Efficiency: The essential reason to approach a competent team of experts is that they will give your store a competitive edge over your rival businesses. Through thorough research of your challengers, they will ensure that you get the boost in your store’s efficiency and sales output.

10. Working Within Budget: It is vital that the team works well within your initial budget even at the time of completion without compromising on quality. You will need to choose a team professional enough to provide transparent workouts on the costing and stick to it till the end.

11. Business Infrastructure: The developers you hire need to possess a sound infrastructure supported by contemporary technology to complete your project to satisfaction.

12. SEO and SEM: Adequate knowledge of SEO and SEM helps in marketing your site, procuring better Google ranking and driving more traffic to your website. It thus becomes imperative that your developers possess a fair idea of these techniques.

Why Virtina?

As a certified Magento development company, our best offer is to empower you to meet the growing business challenges efficiently. Our expert team leverages talent, best practices, and scientifically proven design standards to deliver a high-converting in-vogue website.

Our Magento development and customization services can help you with your Magento project, however complicated it might look. Get in touch with us over the phone at (888) 478-4799 and email at sales@virtina.com for support/consultation to keep your site looking fresh and in best working order.

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