360 degree product viewer for eCommerce stores

The 360 Degree Product Viewer for E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce has become a very competitive field right now. In a world which had just the Amazons and the eBays to compete, it’s now filled with niche eCommerce sites – furniture, clothing, pet products – you name and they have it. In this scenario, the online retailers face two challenges – face their real-world competitors and face their virtual competitors.

In the end, it all comes down to the customer experience. While all the eCommerce websites fight it out for gaining the customer, the one which is able to provide the best customer experience wins. And that’s where 360 Degree Product View comes in.

Best 360 Degree jQuery Plugins for Ecommerce CartsImage Courtesy : Vwo.com

In order to increase the experience of viewing a product up close and adding a new dimension to the online shopping experience for the customer, 360 degree Photography consists of capturing a series of still product images, rotated on one or more axes.

Now consider your own experience. You would definitely opt for the website that showcases better images of the product than go with one which has lower quality photos. And this too in an era where hardly anyone goes to the extra effort of going through the description in detail. It is this psychological buying factor which is being tapped into by 360 Degree Photography.

Increasing Buyer Confidence & Improving User Experience

With greater quality images comes greater probability of winning the customer’s trust; especially since it’s the second best option than seeing the product up close. Providing the customers with an ability to view the product from every angle, it also allows them to zoom in on the image to view the fine details – something which is rarely possible in the present day usual product photos.

While some initial websites have started including 360 Degree Product views taken across a single axis, some others are going the extra distance to provide their customers with a much more seamless experience by capturing the images across multiple axes, which allows the viewer to examine the product from all quarters.

The Business Edge

Well, if we haven’t sold you on this one yet, allow us to repeat – in an industry that relies on providing better services than its competitor 360 Degree Product Viewer gives you that exact competitive edge to take your business forward. And if that wasn’t enough good news, Google now allows companies to include 360 Degree views of their products on their Google Shopping Campaigns. This is so since Google also believes that 360 Degree views betters the customer experience of shopping and takes them that much closer to giving them the feel of being in a physical shop.

End line – here’s another business opportunity that has arisen thanks to eCommerce. And for the ones who own an eCommerce site, you just got your next big marketing weapon in the arsenal.

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