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How 8 Seconds Become the Moment of a Brand’s Success

The boom of eCommerce is an excellent opportunity not only for sellers but buyers too. While sellers face fierce competition from counterparts, customers get an array of choices for a single product. The variety of product choices makes attention-grabbing a tough task in eCommerce business. Buyers flip through four to five devices daily, and if they don’t like a page at the first look, they will ignore it without a second thought. Moreover, if shoppers didn’t get what they want in the first few seconds, then they would immediately leave that page. So all you need to do is catch their mind. As rightly quoted by a Microsoft study, you get only eight seconds to grab attention from your audience, which means you get just a few seconds to capture buyer’s interest. In precise, within milliseconds you should make customers feel that your brand is worth it.

So, what is an 8-second rule? How can brands meet this rule?

Every day customers come across too many feeds and so many deals, for that reason, buyers don’t like to spend enough time on a page to dig-out anything.

The 8 seconds rule is the time frame you require to convince your site visitor to stay on your page. This rule generally applies to all those newbies who visit a site for the first time. This time frame supported by facts states that ‘sites tend to lose 50% of visitors within 8 seconds after coming to the store’. For a store owner, this eight seconds may not seem like a long time. But, web surfers need only fraction of seconds to decide whether to stay or leave a particular page. In fact, this is nothing but creating the first best impression that inspires people to stay on your page. Even then, this rule does not apply in every situation because people visit specific sites for specific reasons.

Now, what can be done to make a website appealing for visitors to stay?

If you don’t put yourselves in customer’s shoes, then you will never get your target’s attention. In simple words, you have to think, design and act as a customer to make them stay on your page.


Load Time and Flexibility

Load time is one major issue websites face. Flexibility and speed is a must for you to convince visitors within 8 seconds to stay on your site. For speed and flexibility, you should ensure script and image size. A talented designer will do this job for you. Above all, you should have full control over your site for creating a better user experience.

Website Content

An excellent description of the site is vital for grabbing customer attention. Customers should know what exactly you can do for them. An image to make the message clear and a text to describe site’s goal will help customers to quickly understand whether they are in the right place or not. A simple, clear and easy to comprehend description of the page will be useful and exciting for the customers. Apart from that you should scrutinize and personalize your messages. You can never be successful in online business if you are messages are not personalized. You should have a check on their shopping behaviors, interests because knowing this will help you to deliver an excellent user- experience.

Navigation and Layout

A simple and easy navigation model will make people stay longer on your page. If the customer feels that they can navigate smoothly through your site and get what they look for, chances are there that they will stay longer on your page. You should keep main navigation at the top of the site. Apart from that, there should not be too many navigational links as that can confuse the audience. The layout and navigation should be simple and easy for people to contact you. Developing trust helps customers to proceed shopping with you. To build confidence, you must keep Contact or address details visible. A bond or trust will make customers to believe you, and they will check out your page with keenness.

Give a reason to come back

An active and appealing site not only make visitors come back but also attract new visitors to stay longer. A regularly updates site creates trust, as all the information displayed look timelier and hence more significant that evoke curiosity. An informative, educative and engaging site make customers attracted and tends to come back. New customers will be interested in check-out a page when they find something relevant and appropriate. So, you have to provide information timely interestingly.

The moral of this article is that as a seller you get only a very brief time to gain attention from customers. To attract customers, you should be strategic and organized as you get only eight seconds to grab a customers attention. As an e-commerce store owner or retailer, you should realize that customers first scan the information you deliver to them. In no time they skim through the content and conclude whether it is apt for them. So your content must be clear, informative, emotional, engaging and direct. It is certain that customers tend to skip or ignore long, unclear and sturdy materials. Within eight-second attention span, your brand and business should win the scan test. Your marketing efforts thoroughly boil down to the first eight seconds. Utilize this crucial moment in the best possible way.

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