Magento 2.0 Blog Extensions

Some of the best blog extensions for Magento 2.0

Blog Pro

Super powerful, great built and popular this one comes with a social sharing ability. So say goodbye to all the apps you have been hoarding – you need not add any more tools. This has state of the art intuitive interface which lets you control every little aspect of your blog at one go and your clients can share it without much ado.

Simple Blog

You know how they said do not judge by the book by the cover. Well in this case you can. It is as it says – simple. But it packs the absolutely right amount of punch. A must explore for serious bloggers who also sell.

Magik BlogMate

Go unlimited for sure with this plug in , in terms of categories. It truly is magic and even lets you go on a cleanup drive, deleting comments and what not!

Marketplace Blog

This one is purely for getting shop presence on the Internet getting some real visibility. Packed with the WYSIWYG editor for the blog post creation and generation of SEO friendly URLs – this one is easily managed even long distance!

Blog – Community Edition by aheadWorks

Now bring your sales strategy to life with SEO friendly text links! This particular blog extension lets you keep in touch with ALL your customers and give them some fantastic deals and offers, while taking feedback thus pulling them closer into maker your business a sure shot success.

nBlog – Blog Extension by Neo theme

If you thought putting together a blog is difficult, this extension is here to solely prove you wrong. Integrated smoothly into Magento backend, your store from the space of eCommerce and blog come together in the very same place. You have complete control and you need not need any programming language to make either minor or major changes.

CMS Pro News/Blog by MageWorld

So this one literally puts you on the map! You can manage your blog and the news that you flash from the global network of news come together seamlessly. Now say a warm hello to those who would wander in and out of your eCommerce store because they had to check the news or put themselves in the global context.

Blog by Innobyte

This particular extension puts together the ability to actually communicate the newly updated information such as purchasing methods, promotions, arrivals etc to regular buyers and visitors as well as provide user friendly extensions compatible with CE and EE edition.

While this list indeed does not reflect the millions of great blog extensions, these are by far some of the most popular among the latest ones made use for public!

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