Magento Extension Boost Sales

What are the best Magento extensions to boost sales?

Magneto is widely considered to be the most popular eCommerce platform catering to 100,000+ busiest sites on the World Wide Web. User friendly, scalable in terms of management it continues to attract web designers and business owners alike.

However, default functions by even Magneto may not address all your requirements as a business owner nor ensure great sales. This is where extensions play a major role. They not only boost your credibility in business, ensures better customer experience but also let you build better and wiser and boost sales.

Here is a list of some of the best Magneto extensions with a view to boost sales.

Newsletter PopUp. For the digital marketing strategists out there, this is a sweet spot. A pop up window with a subscription form and social icons, this lets clients sign up for the newsletter.

One Page Checkout. The entire checkout process is in one page as the name suggests thereby reducing the energy and effort your customer needs to invest having decided to buy a product.

Ajax Search. This gives you search results while you type with results narrowing down as you continue typing; you can even remove characters to see the broader results again. It helps your customers find things quicker.

J2T Reward Points & Referral Program. Everybody loves free gifts and bonuses. This lets you put together an inbuilt reward and referral program that lets your customers gather and add up points.

Daily Deals. This extension lets you list special products for the day! Like a real shop and make it available for 24 hours – it comes with countdowns and seamlessly integrates your Magento built store with a Limited Time Deal feature.

Gift Cards. With more and more networks of people and their family, friends and acquaintances spread across the World, gift cards are a saving grace for occasions. This extension makes it a reality boosting your sales!

Instant Search+ Now, this is a powerful tool for you as a business owner. The extension gives you the inside scoop. It actually provides site search integration which helps to understand and determine buyer intent and behavior. At the same time it also helps customers find the very exact products they are searching for. This is basically your experienced salesperson at work, doing a great job! A very good alternative to the default Magento search, this gifts your visitors with the best shopping buddy, throwing up the most relevant and the very best search results, as well as personalized product and query suggestions. And this begins from the very first character that they choose to type in your store search box by Magneto.

Affiliate Touted to be a top rated extension, the Affiliate extension for Magento lets you create the best affiliate program with 6 different referring methods. By integrating this, it ensures an increase in traffic to your store rapidly. It boosts sales, generates some very well qualified leads, extends your brand awareness, and helps you secure higher search engine rankings. You can even choose the commission type in terms of it being fixed or a percentage and proceed to add the preferred rate. In fact you can even go as far as to differentiate commission/discount levels by the orders – such as “x” for first order and “y” for the following ones.

Ajax Catalog Filter – Developed with the sole intention to absolutely enrich the user experience to the core that your online store provides, the Ajax Catalog Filter helps your customers dynamically filter and fine-tune search results as well as product catalogues. Thus they do not need to leave nor reload a page. Packed with Ajax product filter, Category Views (List & Grid) , dynamic pagination, versatile product sorting, and the ability to change the number of items displayed on a page this is quite a powerful extension.

Armed with these extensions and more that you can find for each and every need of yours, your business with a fair amount of planning from your end, is sure to thrive in the online world. Afterall that is the future.

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