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Best WooCommerce Referral Plugins You Should Use

If you wish to boost your sales, then you should start referral programs. Creating referrals are necessary for business because, for many companies, word of mouth is crucial for marketing. Customers share their experience with friends and families, be it positive or negative, and these referrals have huge impact too. Referral programs are beneficial because most people believe in their friends, referrals, though similar, are not Coupons. Generally, referral Programs are cheaper to implement, and references can create more potential and repeated Customers.

Are you looking for a referral plugin for your WooCommerce store? When you do a little Googling around, you’ll find that many referral plugins are powerful, secure and effective are available in the market.  In this article, we have listed some of the best WooCommerce referral plugins for your store.


WpGens, boost your sales via word of mouth. This plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce 2.4+, as well as the latest version too.

This plugin, though simple is a robust referral system for your website. Instead of giving money for referrals, you can reward your customers with coupons which can be used to avail discounts when they buy products from your website or even get products for free. The free version of this plugin comes with lots of features, coupons for friends and many more options.

The plugin will generate a unique link for every single member, and this link is visible on their account page. With this referral, link members can invite others to your site, and whenever someone visits your site through their relationship and buy a product, you can reward them with a coupon, which is connected with WOOCOUPONS.

This  feature helps you to

  • Set a value for each coupon;
  • Define the category of the coupon;
  • Define order limit;
  • Understand  coupon specification whether it is product specific or not; (PREMIUM only)
  • Fix an expiry date for a coupon; (PREMIUM only)
  • Award friend with a coupon as well; (PREMIUM only)

After an order is completed, a coupon will be sent to the one who referred a customer to your site.  Whenever a referral is presented with a coupon, it will be displayed on his account page, and only he will be able to use that.


It is a powerful referral tool that allows you to automate customer referral campaigns for your eCmmerce store. This plugin reward your customers who refer their friends to your store. This plugin is easy to install and has a 30 days free-trial available.

ReferralCandy provides a personal reward link to customers which they can share with their friends. When their friends buy from the store, the customer will receive a referral award. With referralcandy, you can easily include A REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM, and you don’t need developers to set up referral candy! Everybody becomes a winner by using referralcandy; an original customer receive a reward, friends get discount and shop owners to make more sales. The plugin performs referral tracking. Referralcandy costs $49/ per month, and it is worth it!


InviteReferrals is the most simple referral software regarding designing and launching. If you install this plugin once then, you can create multiple campaigns without altering the code. Moreover, to develop campaigns, you don’t need any technical expertise. Besides, you get an app-  Facebook referral Timeline.

With InviteReferrals, you can add four types of Rewards, namely;

Share – Welcome your 50 friends and unlock gratification.

Registration – Reward your referrers when they are successful with referral registrations.

Sale – Reward referrers for receiving new sales.

Mobile App Install – Reward referrers for  Mobile App Installs.

InviteReferrals is now available in more than 25 languages including Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Latin, Latvian, Korea, French, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Italy, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Spanish,  and Thai.

Pricing: This plugin is available for free and also for Paid Plans.


This plugin comprises of social media contests, referrals, loyalty, and marketing programs. Using gratification, you can get leads, booking, sales, and traffic. This plugin also helps you to increase followers, pins, likes, social media reach and engagement. Also, you get referrals and can run contests.

For your WooCommerce store, you can download Gratisfaction which is free for a hundred loyal members.  This free version is inclusive of all features, have an unrestricted Access, Run unlimited campaigns, Easy to setup & manage, No contract needed and can Cancel anytime, is capable of creating beautiful contests and has referral & loyalty campaigns.

This plugin helps you in all stages of your sales life-cycle by attracting visitors, getting leads, converting them to customers, maintaining them, availing referrals, etc.

With Gratisfication you can reward customers for sign-ups & bookings, purchases & can run a loyalty program, reward for visits & comments, reward for referrals & social sharing, the reward for social media actions and reward for participation in your surveys & quiz.

Referral plugins are crucial for your WooCommerce store. If you are looking for plugin installation or development, feel free to Contact Us or call (888) 478-4799 . Virtina has a team of Wooexperts, who will understand and fulfill your needs!


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