In many cases, the larger retail stores simply have more resources at their disposal. That gives them an edge in creating sales with better options to garner attention. The internet is not one of those cases. Online, companies of any size can create compelling and innovative content drawing in customers and views. BigCommerce is a website building tool set that works well for companies of any size. As the world’s leading ecommerce platform with more than 30,000 stores running this software, it has become the premier and standard many employ. This website builder is subscription based, so instead of a significant investment in the beginning, you simply pay a fee each month to keep it going. That subscription covers the software, hosting of our site, and application support from BigCommerce itself. The fees each month are tiered as well, depending on your needs. All levels of subscription include unlimited products, bandwidth, and storage as well. Using the same level of tools as the largest of retailers can put you on par with them online.

BigCommerce advertises a bevy of benefits including:

  • A wide variety of free and premium themes
  • Enterprise-grade analyitics measuring your business performance
  • Detailed articles, videos, and guides to help you familiarize yourself quickly to the system
  • More features to drive sales than most other platforms
  • Business apps that can be enabled quickly and easily
  • Award winning search engine optimization to garner views and traffic

This program is just what the name implies, big. Aimed at the entrepreneur and big business, it has many enticing options, but all that can be a bit intimidating. Smaller business owners may not be ready to take on such a large-scale site without help. Virtina is there for you. We know the software, and will work with you to find what works best for your needs. One of the best benefits of this is that you do not need a lot of cash for the program. When you need it, start subscribing and if things change, you can cancel the service. Regardless, you don’t have to go shoulder to shoulder with the biggest of retailers alone. Virtina will stand at your side and show them you are their online equal.