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Boost Your Ecommerce Sales During Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s that time of the year again when people rush to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones.!! And we get to see that with the Valentine’s Day around the corner, the Ecommerce stores flooding with offers, sales, special gifts and other deals. As per one of the reports from (National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics) NRF the US consumers were to spend about $ 18.2 billion in 2017. This is the generic number of sales that was predicted last year and this statistics are sure to increase in the coming years.

Have you ever wondered how special days like Valentine’s Day help Ecommerce stores boost their sales? Having more Ecommerce stores opening than ever and with a large number of consumers turning on to online stores compared to the traditional stores, there are more than 38% sales expected from the Ecommerce industry alone.

So here’s how various Ecommerce businesses can gain the most from this year’s Valentine’s Day online sales campaign. There are various sales approaches often taken up by online stores like :-

i) Cross- Selling and adding complementary products to the customer cart always encourage more purchases.
ii) Free – shipping and special offers upon purchase of limited stocks are something that attracts online customers always.
iii) Last minute deals, for all the last minute shoppers who have missed buying something special for their loved ones.

As we all know, the basic marketing strategies are always important, like analyzing the target customers, the requirements, and their budget plays a vital role in setting up an Ecommerce sales campaign. Influence customers to the Valentine’s day deal page with various marketing tools, paid search engines, banners, Call to action tabs, and notifications. A keen eye on the most trending products during the Valentine’s day and categorizing customers based on the gender, age, and location also boost Ecommerce sales.

Apart from these regular Valentine’s day sales campaign methods, there are few key aspects that each Ecommerce store owners need to know –

According to Econsultancy, Product Reviews plays a key role, and more than 65% of online shoppers do shopping based on product reviews.
As per retailing today, make your online store Customer friendly since all you have is 60 seconds to convince a customer. Every online buyer checks at least three different online stores before confirming the final purchase.
Visual designs are key factors that are major turn-ons and turn-offs for customers. Landing pages that display key Valentine’s Day promotions are sure to grab some attention..!!
Adding in the latest tech trends like – AI, Augmented Reality, Voice based search, Vision-based search and Gamification not only helps the Ecommerce store to keep up with the trends but also enhance the profit percentage.
Add appropriate digital marketing campaigns to boost Valentine’s Day sales. Including terms that appeal to the romantic occasion with reinforcing social media, email and PPC campaigns help Ecommerce stores to attain better customer engagement in their online stores.

How can Virtina help you boost your Ecommerce store sales for any special days like Valentine’s Day?

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