We are looking for a Ninja Marketer with
Digital Marketing Leadership
Inbound Sales Management

Virtina.com is an ecommerce engineering company uniquely positioned in a high growth B2B Software development niche. We are building our leadership team in King Of Prussia, PA.

500 eCommerce projects under our belt in the last 2 years, 9 top-level certifications with major ecommerce platform providers and a staff or more than 50; Virtina has a solid foundation for powerful growth in the US market.

Led by Gigi JK a career entrepreneur and thought leader in the Philadelphia area. Gigi and senior advisors know it's time to bring in experts and grow leaps and bounds. Hence this opportunity.

Who You Are:

  1. Digital Marketing expert with a strong focus on PPC.
  2. Entrepreneurial and ready to grab the right opportunity.
  3. Unconventional and thrive in challenging the status-quo.
  4. A communicator, you gracefully reach to improve yourself and others.
  5. Big goals and being part of a core group comes naturally.
  6. You manage, mentor and inspire people.
  7. Proven in managing a sales pipeline.
  8. Your left and right brain love the word “Why”.
  9. You want to be a star player and nail this challenge.
  10. Ideally, you are experienced in promoting a software or marketing agency.

What you are not. A person who doesn’t really walk the talk.

Who We are:

  1. A well-positioned ecommerce engineering, and production services provider.
  2. Poised for fast growth and establishing a national company.
  3. Technical depth, productivity, and entrepreneurship make us unique in the arena.
  4. We’ve executed more than 500+ projects in the last two years.
  5. 95% of our clients are US based with solid inroads in AU and the UK.
  6. We are on a mission to 10x what we have accomplished already.
  7. An extremely valuable partner to marketing agencies.
  8. Our position is so unique that even competitors look to partner.

What you can expect:

  1. Lead a team of 9 ready and willing.
    1. 2 on the inbound sales
    2. 1 SEM, 1 SEO
    3. 2 in content writing
    4. 1 in Social Media
    5. 1 LinkedIn
    6. 1 Developer
  2. A Monthly Marketing Budget for paid campaigns.
  3. Open minded, entrepreneurial colleagues.
  4. To be a significant part of company growth.
  5. Make a professional mark in your career.
  6. Take some short-term risks that can have a fitting reward.

This is a full time, permanent position with a path towards base, commission, and equity.


Please send an email to

with a cover letter.

A resume is needed only if your LinkedIn is not up-to-date.
If your LinkedIn is not up-to-date this probably isn’t your opportunity.