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Many can claim to be the best in the business. Words are easy to write, but when you want proof many cannot provide it. Virtina is not like the others. Below are several links to our clients, giving you a chance to see what you might expect from us. Please take a look and though the products and services are diverse, notice the level of quality and care in the sites. You can see how we worked with each individual to bring their site to life. We provide the skill and expertise to make these sites, but it is the desire and aim of the site runner that shines through. Just like with any business, the boss is in charge of what is presented to consumers. Virtina is ready and anxious to take on your business and create something magnificent. With your direction, the site can be made exactly as you dreamed in a way you are happy with.

BigCommerce Single Page Checkout

Client: The client is one of the top most in the list, Who specializes in LED lights. Requirement: Our client owns an eCommerce website built..

Hansens Clothing

Client : Requirement: Our client who is doing a business on apparels vertical, wanted us to do some modification on their eCommerce product options..

Automatic Price Calculator

Summary: A leading online flower marketplace wanted to add an automatic price calculator on their product pages. Since such a tool is absent in Volusion’s..

Adding Insurance to Orders

Summary: A leading men’s jewelry website consulted us for integrating a facility that would help their users to get insurance protections on the Jewelry while..

Payment Gateway Integration

Summary: Even though Volusion provides support for numerous payment gateways, number of international payment gateways supported are very limited. Virtina’s client, world’s largest retailer of..

Custom Graphical Product Design

Summary: A prominent fantasy draft sports board order site needs to allow its users to custom design fantasy football/Hockety sports boards in its re‐launched Volusion..

Implement 3D Secure enabled payment gateway

Summary: A Volusion store would like to implement 3D Secure enabled payment gateway. Problem: Store owner wanted to accept credit cards on his volusion store..

Adding buyer information as water mark in eBooks

Summary: Adding buyer information as water mark in eBooks sold at a Volusion store in real time during the checkout process. Scenario:Real Time Product Customization..

Simultaneous PaymentGateway Integration

Summary: A Volusion store would like to let the users transact in either in US dollars or Canadian dollars while using the same payment gateway..

Transacting in International Currency

Summary: A Volusion store with international customers would like to display the prices in international currencies including transmitting prices to paypal while keeping the backend..

Volusion and ERP Integration

Summary: Our customer needed to integrate; customer, order, inventory, shipping and tracking information with an external ERP, real time. Scenario: Volusion and ERP Integration Platform:..

Real Time Product Customization

Summary: Adding buyer information as a full page watermark within eBooks sold on the Volusion store; in real time during the checkout process. Scenario: Real..

More Professional Looking Category Pages

Summary: Converting search refinement dropdowns in a Volusion store to more professional looking radio buttons for an improved user experience. Scenario: More professional looking category..

Custom Greeting Card Design

Summary: A prominent greeting card site. The company needed to allow its users to custom design greeting cards in its re-launched Volusion site. Scenario: Volusion..

Automatic Order Cancellation

Summary: A popular sportswear selling website approached us to find a solution to end the laborious task of manually removing each and every unpaid order..

Books of the Tundra - Online Bookstore

Storelink: About Client: Books of The Tundra is a publisher of award winning books for children and adolescents. Requirement: They wanted us to create..

WINDY - Online Fashion Shopping

Storelink: About Client: is an erailer based in Dublin, Ireland and sells apparels and footwears. Requirement: needed an eCommerce website to sell..

Travoge - Safari Tour Packages Marketplace

Storelink: About Client: Travoge is a multi-vendor marketplace website for selling African safari tour packages. Requirement: The team from Travoge contacted us to develop an..

Wagshal’s - Specialty Food Selling Website

Store Link: About Client: Wagshal’s has been a renowned ‘fresh and prepared specialty food’ selling company in Washington since 1925. They are adored by..

Year/Make/Model Search

Summary: A leading auto accessories dealer contacted us to integrate an advanced Year/Make/Model product search  system to their Volusion store. Problem: Volusion does not provide..

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