Adding Buyer Information as Water Mark in eBooks

Adding buyer information as water mark in eBooks sold at a Volusion store in real time during the checkout process.

Scenario:Real Time Product Customization

The client has an online Volusion ecommerce site where eBooks in the pdf format are sold.When a user buys an ebook, the client wanted to dynamically embed a watermark within all pages of the pdf. The buyer’s personal information such as First Name, Last Name should be used as the watermark in pdf.

Volusion is a closed system which only allows Javascript/JQuery,CSS and HTML manipulation primarily. The APIs provided by the Volusion is limited to Customer, Orders and Products. Additionally Volusion allows only one file for each “downloadable” product, in this case an eBook in its database. However adding specific buyer’s information to the eBook the watermark to an eBook/pdf meant creating a copy of the eBook with each buyer’s information.

Following steps were used to craft a solution within the Volusion’s check out process
a) Identify the ebook files in the customer cart in Volusion. There can be one or more pdfs/ebooks
b) Retrieve the current buyer information
c) Add the customer information to each ebook and save a copy.
d) Make the saved copy accessible to the customer in the download step within the checkout process.

Duration: 4 Days

Technical Components: Volusion API, C# WebServices, JQuery/Javascript, HTML, CSS , iText