Adding Insurance To Orders

A leading men’s jewelry website consulted us for integrating a facility that would help their users to get insurance protections on the Jewelry while placing an order. Volusion doesn’t have any such built-in option. So we created and added that feature to their Volusion website.

Scenario:Volusion and Adding Insurance Protection to Orders
Platform:Volusion, ASP.NET

Jewelries are precious items so that customers would like to add insurance protection while making a purchase. Our client was approached by many customers with the request to integrate this facility to their website. The demand was right since it would get them more security for the money they had to spend. However, our client’s website is built on Volusion platform, and it doesn’t have any option to add such feature in the one page check out. So they approached us.

Volusion doesn’t provide an option for adding insurance while checking out. Therefore, a new plugin has to be developed and integrated.

We developed a plugin to add insurance protection while checking out. We integrated that with the cart. It helps users to opt insurance when they place the order. Thus we solved our client’s issue and helped them gain their customers’ trust while resulted in increased revenue for the client.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs, ASP.NET