Advance Healing Medical Devices

Advanced Healing Medical Devices

About Advanced Healing Medical Devices

Advanced Healing Medical Devices is a contemporary, privately-held, startup company founded in 2015 by Mr. Matt Bentzen. The company specializes in therapeutic orthopedic aids that assist in bone fractures, sprains, and strains of the extremities. They bring practical solutions to orthopedic patient care.

The company’s products aid patients debilitated by casted limbs, both trauma, and post-op. Their products are appropriate for minimizing the risks and complications thereby providing patients with additional comfort, security, and convenience.

Advanced Healing Medical Devices has three pending patents and additional products in the development stage. The company is located in the town of Sanger, north of Dallas, Texas.

Business Model:

Advanced Healing Medical Devices is categorized under the healthcare sector, and their client echelons include:

  • B2B – Medical professionals
  • B2C – Individual Patients

Products and Services:

The company focuses on orthopedic assistance devices that reduce swelling under the casts, soften crutches to minimize discomfort and help in folding legs while on crutches, which makes life much easier for their patients.

The products support:

  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Ankles
  • Wrists
  • Ribs

Fast Selling Products:

  • Cool Cast – Long Arm
  • Cool Cast – Long Arm – Soft Tissue Injury
  • Cool Cast – Long Leg
  • Cool Cast – Long Leg – Soft Tissue Injury
  • Cool Cast – Short Arm
  • Cool Cast – Short Arm – Soft Tissue Injury
  • Cool Cast – Short Leg
  • Cool Cast – Short Leg – Soft Tissue Injury

Upcoming Products:

  • Comfort Crutch Slipcovers
  • Leg Assist Elevating Strap


The company’s products are marketed and networked through :

Website –
Social media channels


  • Medical professionals
  • Individual Patients


  • Lets their clients create a login ID and account for making repeated purchases
  • Cater to both bulk and individual orders
  • Have an efficient order tracking system
  • Provide a flexible return policy
  • Have reliable quality guarantees

Purchase Orders:

They cater to both bulk orders as well as retail purchases.

Plugins & Extensions:

The modifications that Virtina performed:

  • Customized a Volusion website which is generally not adept at personalizations and tweaks
  • Net30 Payment Gateway Integration was installed to provide customers with user-friendly, flexible and secure payment methods
  • Changes made to the text message on all the significant pages
  • The orientation of the company’s logo changed to look appeasing
  • Adjusted the size of category headers
  • Adjusted color schemes following the feel of the website
  • Cleaned up the spacing and brought in symmetry to the My Account page.
  • Adjusted font sizes for making the text clear, crisp and visible.

Executive Summary

Advanced Healing Medical Devices wanted their Volusion based website to look detailed and contemporary, customized as per user needs. They wanted to amalgamate an exclusive payment integration – Net 30 – to their website for a choice set of customers to make their credit card payment experiences smooth. Furthermore, they needed to change the ‘My Account’ page to a text box, update the layout for the shopping cart, and enhance the content on the FAQ page.

The Goal

The overall objective of this project was to enable Advanced Healing Medical Devices to allow a segment of its online customers to check out using Net30 Payment option. Net30 integration check-out is permitted only for a subset of customers. Virtina implemented this solution on their website, though Volusion is exceptionally arduous to personalize or change, which is no mean feat. When Net30 is allied, no credit card information is required by the customer for check out. Additionally, Virtina updated the layouts of My Account page, shopping cart, and the display-specific content on the FAQ page for Net30 customers.

Advanced Healing Medical Devices had trained medical professionals as their clients. They also had individual patients purchasing from them. They needed to maintain the site as visually appealing as possible with a synchronized display to bring in more site visits, ROI, and turnover.


  • Customization of the Volusion site as per requirement since the platform is not adaptable to customizations processes like many other platforms
  • Integrating Net30 without security breaches or bugs since the modification is not supported by Volusion and had to be performed as an external integration
  • Making tweaks to appeal to a particular segment of customers.
  • Text changes that enhance page ROI.


What Virtina Did:

  • ​Customized the Volusion based website as per the desired look and feel specified by the customer
  • Gave an additional Net30 default option in the payment drop down menu exclusively for Net 30 customers.
  • All orders checked out using Net30 was set to default settings in Volusion as “Cash Orders.”
  • Invoices were generated to indicate the order as “Net 30”.
  • Added an extra text box on the MyAccount page visible only to Net 30 customers.
  • Font, text, border, headers, and color alignment changes made to make the pages look attractive.
  • Modified the login, shopping cart, my account and register pages as per the necessity of the client
  • Altered the color/font/style as per the requirement to make the site more enticing.

Key Results

  • Customised Volusion site exclusive for the client
  • Easy to navigate click buttons, ambiance, and page layout
  • Fresh look and feel to the site making it more alluring to the audience
  • Better user experiences payment for Net30 customers
  • Enhanced shopping experience and ROI