Automatic Order Cancellation

A popular sportswear selling website approached us to find a solution to end the laborious task of manually removing each and every unpaid order from the Volusion Administrator back end. These unpaid orders are generally from payment type except like Pay at store and Pay by Check, So we created a separate plugin that will automatically cancel the orders if the payments are not received within the specified period.

Scenario:Volusion and Automatic Order Cancellation
Platform:Volusion, ASP.NET

Cancelling unpaid orders paid by customers using Pay At Store or Pay by check manually became strenuous and unmanageable for the customer. Store owner wanted to implement a rule that after a certain time period these type of unpaid orders need to be automatically cancelled. For example, for orders paid by check need to be cancelled automatically if the order is not marked as payment received within 96 hours of order creation time.

There is no features or APIs in Volusion which will allow certain orders to be automatically cancelled after a certain time period. So we needed to develop a separate plugin to achieve this

Virtina’s Volusion team developed an automated scheduled application as a separate middlware. This plug in will pull in orders that are paid by Pay At Store or Pay By Check. If the they are not marked as Paid and past the time duration, the middleware log into the Volusion back end automatically and cancel the order. The website owner can manually set the time period for cancellation.

Similarly, we also created an option for automatic confirmation once a customer completes the payment. Previously, our client has to manually do the order confirmation from the back end. Both these options substantially reduced the time and effort, and client can now use it for tasks which are more important and fruitful.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs, ASP.NET