bush refrigeration

Bush Refrigeration

Transforming refrigeration solutions
Bush Refrigeration takes pride in dealing with the integrated sales and distribution of refrigeration systems meeting the various needs of customers commercially and non commercially.

What they required:
The ecommerce concern wanted to build a technically-sound and fully operational online shopping cart solution that allow customers to purchase their desired refrigeration products easily.

How we assisted them:
By partnering with client, we conceptually designed and build up a robust B2B portal with Magento – the world’s best open source ecommerce platform. We helped them out to make the project successful with distinct category based product menus, easy navigation, multiple store management and a simple to use stress-free system for 24 x 7 online business.

What they achieved:
Bush refrigeration has got the platform that enables to take complete control of the business processes and requirements effectively and profitably.



Comprehensive approach for a greater change

Working closely with the client requirement is the key.

Getting involved in the competitive industry is not a step to be taken lightly. To stand out, Bush Refrigeration needed a good identity and a dynamic ecommerce website that manages sales and distribution of varied categories of refrigeration systems.

The main challenge was the transformation of the site into a significant refrigeration market place.

Virtina, being the leading Magento development company was particular about developing the solution on Magento and make the online shopping experience on par with the best brands like ebay, Amazon, and Souq.

The need for optimizing performance was on a high as Bush Refrigeration was supposed to be built as a reliable and scalable online store. Virtina faced challenges in balancing various elements of their business like the promotions, shipping, payments, merchandising etc. Regardless, keeping inventory and out of stock items properly and the inclusion of drop shipment was one of the biggest challenges.



Giving client, the freedom of choice

In tune with the client requirements, Virtina, the certified Magento experts created an ecommerce platform that generated immediate results and sales.

Our client store is large with a wide range of refrigeration products and categories. As the main function on the site is search, a great deal of time was spent on creating a clear menu structure for the user. Now on the homepage, without difficulty, the customer can search for the items they need straight away. And backed by powerful extensions and payment system, the site offers new kind of freedom and flexibility with more control and choice to the customers.

It entails the setting up of Drop Shipment facility that forward orders to the nearest warehouse and ship those orders to the clients from warehouses. We manifested our skill in implementing the solution successfully where it’s designed in a way that the client can save a lot of time and money in fulfilling the orders.

Now, with the growing audience, the brand can be projected to the highest level. To develop and make this model success, Virtina integrated complex tasks that mediate the front-end and the back-end activities to manage inventory, order processing, payment, and shipping.

Creating online store for Bush refrigeration was really a challenge, as it deals with wide range of cooling systems and categories. Excited by this project, Virtina fulfilled the requirement by developing a complete online store that satisfies various refrigeration needs of the customers. Being a challenging project, Bush Refrigeration is considered to be significant and can be taken as a recommendable project for other customers.



Achieving a reliable growth to the online business.

Bush refrigeration picked Virtina to attain its vision as a significant online marketplace for the refrigeration systems.

Virtina helped to successfully launch its online store hosting a large number of refrigeration units of different categories, catering to the online needs of the customers. Being a leading Magento website development company, we displayed our skill in setting up Magento based online store.

Blended with the perfect mix of cutting edge UI, powerful extensions and program that moderates the front-end and back-end activities the site enable Bush Refrigeration to achieve a successful business.

Since its launch, Bush Refrigeration achieved a significant increase in revenue and conversion rates. The Magento architecture has it all, the adeptness to accommodate increasing product lines to the store. And it’s not a surprise, Magento is a choice of world brands like Nestle, Nike, Skype, and others.

See what Magento can do for you

As a certified Magento developers, we at Virtina have been using Magento – the open source ecommerce platform – for years. Its feature-rich and flexible functionalities make Magento a sought-after platform for making a perfect online store.

The custom extensions available with Magento gives the online store the power to combine new features without the need for coding. If the extension is not available we can build one suitable Its for your requirements. Magento supports different third-party integrations and extensions that helps to expand the functionality of the online business. What more? When it comes to the level of security Magento powered sites are reliable, secure and high speed.

Clear product display and navigation, inbuilt reporting and analysis solution, cross-platform support, support to multiple languages are some of the appreciable features.

The expertise we put to use to develop a mighty online store like Bush Refrigeration gave us the reliance to implement any size and sort of B2B or B2C ecommerce portals.

Come to the online world and create a difference in the way you do business, – “e commerce is the efficient way to reach out more customers”. We like to hear from you.

Virtina’s eCommerce solutions is here to help you generate a sustainable and reliable success to your business with world’s best ecommerce platform – Magento.