Complete Medical Supplies

Complete Medical Supplies

In Short

Company: Complete Medical Supplies. Inc
Founded: 1988
Industry: Wholesale Medical Supplies
Services: E-Commerce site integration, cataloging services, process assimilation, custom theme development
Virtina Services: Revamped catalogs, retailer sub-sites, core platform, custom themes
Key Results: Catalogues used by parent company & 60+ retail companies, appeasing retailer sites and themes, upgraded e-commerce platform

Company Overview

About Complete Medical Supplies
Complete Medical Supplies, established in 1988, is a leading manufacturer, importer, master wholesaler, exporter and product source specialist of over 14,000 medical, healthcare and ergonomic products. They have been in the industry for the last 25+ years owing to their customer-centric services like wide and unique product selection, one-stop shopping, same day shipping, competitive pricing, etc. All of their products are manufactured under the Blue JayTM An Elite Healthcare Brand. Their products are of the highest quality and feature amazing retail packaging for easy merchandising, and they export their products to more than 40 countries. They regularly distribute to over 4,000 retailers across the world.

About Virtina

Virtina is an eCommerce centered software engineering company focused on creating visibility, revenue, and profit surge for prominent retailers by providing strategic advice and technical solutions. This makes us the multiple expertise complete e-commerce solution provider for all your business requisites. We deal with 10+ leading platforms namely Magento, Woocommerce, Volusion, Shopify, etc. with both hand-coding and low-coding expertise. We cater to a wide range of customer base inclusive of e-commerce merchants, agencies, SaaS providers & associations.

What Virtina Did

Virtina worked with approximately 60 of the wholesale distributors who were the clients of Complete Medical Supplies. We helped them assimilate data, revamp their sites and provided smooth and practical solutions to all their business needs.

Virtina’s Project Details

The Challenge:

  • The parent company only had an unorganized basic PDF catalog which made finding and selecting products extremely difficult.
  • The parent company site was ineffective
  • The client, as well as retailer websites, were extremely unattractive to the customers

Key Objectives:

  • Organizing and developing a custom platform
  • Revamping and migrating the company site to a performing platform
  • Revamping and giving a face-lift to the retailer platforms
  • Customizing themes for the retailer platforms


The biggest challenge was to organize the extremely outdated PDF catalog per products, categories, sub-categories, prices, variants, etc. Virtina developed an extensive catalog with an intuitive web format in a time-span of just eight months. It took an expert team of developers and experts to achieve this extraordinary feat. The catalog was detailed, user-friendly and appealing with multiple product variants, drop-down menu and revamped themes. This catalog was made accessible to Complete Medical Supplies as well as all the retailer clients.
We then proceeded to create highly functional, attractive, sub-sites for all 60+ retailers. This helped them showcase their products in a better manner.
We committed to maintaining the sites to ensure continued performance and set for auto-update to assure the same quality throughout.

Key Results:

  • Attractive e-commerce stores and catalogs
  • Increased wholesale and retail sales
  • An enhanced overall appeal of the company and retailer sites