Custom Greeting Card Design

A prominent greeting card site. The company needed to allow its users to custom design greeting cards in its re-launched Volusion site.

Scenario: Volusion and Custom Product Design
Platform: Volusion, CakePHP, MySQL
Vertical: eCommerce

The website should allow a user to custom design greeting cards.

Challenges were multiple:
The toughest ones were
(a) Volusion does not have a custom graphic design tool or plugin.
(b) Whatever the solution it should allow a guest user to design.
(c) Volusion does not provide an API to find out whether a payment has been received for orders.

Our development team created an external custom PHP app that allows the user to custom design a greeting card site. A guest or logged in user clicks the “customize” button on the Volusion product page to start the process. Once the customize button is clicked, the user leaves the Volusion page and enters the design application which is opened in the same window. The app allows users to add options to the base product and see changes and prices in real time. Once a customer has finished designing with the app, he or she is taken back to the Volusion page and the new cost is displayed. Users may click “Add to Cart” at this point and continue to checkout. We also built an administration app where an admin can manage various options. By creating a custom API for combining data from the Order and Payment_log tables, we were able to create an admin dashboard where the admin can also see all orders with payment. This Dashboard also allowed an admin to generate the full size printable images of the greeting card site with all the options customers have chosen to eliminate the need for graphic designers.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs., CakePHP, MySQL