Implement 3D Secure Enabled Payment Gateway

A Volusion store would like to implement 3D Secure enabled payment gateway.

Store owner wanted to accept credit cards on his volusion store using a 3D Secure enabled 3rd party gateway.

3D Secure verification provides an additional layer of security by asking the user to enter a password at the 3DSecure site during the checkout process. Volusion has a number of built in payment processors providing 3D Secure verification. However our client wanted to process credit cards through a payment gateway with 3D Secure that is not listed in Volusions payment gateway.

With 3D Secure enabled payment gateway, a customer at the store will be redirected to 3D Secure’s website during the checkout process to verify the credit card. Once verified the user is taken back to the volusion store, to complete the transaction.

Our development team worked with payment gateway’s APIs to implement 3DSecure gateway. A middleware component was implemented to connect the payment gateway APIs and the Volusion Store. A reporting mechanism was built on the payment gateway.

As an added feature, the system could process the transaction in multiple international currencies.

An overall architecture of the solution looked like this.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs, PHP, Payment processor APIs, Custom APIs.