Payment Gateway Integration

Even though Volusion provides support for numerous payment gateways, number of international payment gateways supported are very limited. Virtina’s client, world’s largest retailer of colored contact lenses wanted to integrate an international payment gateway not listed in Volusion. Virtina’s team successfully integrated the payment gateway using non-api/http redirect method.

Scenario:Volusion and Adding New Payment Gateway
Platform:Volusion, ASP.NET

Volusion doesn’t have the features that allow a user to add the payment gateway of his choice.

The lack of support for custom payment gateway integration in Volusion was the major hurdle. Moreover, the client demanded for non-API method/http redirect instead of normal API method so that Virtina’s middleware should not have access to the card and banking details of the customers. In API method, the credit card is captured on the pages of the Volusion site itself which then transferred to the middleware. Middleware transfers the data to the payment gateway, process the response and shows the appropriate final results page in Volusion to the customer.. But in Non API method, the payment takes place at the pages payment processors website. Both methods have positive and negatives and has deep expertize in implementing both type of solution to multiple clients.

We could successfully integrate the plugin exactly as the client wanted. As per their requirement, the payment will be done only at the pages hosted by the payment gateway itself. Therefore, the banking details would not pass through the middleware we developed. Moreover, we added an automatic order status changes to this system. That helps Volusion orders to be marked automatically as received on success and cancelled on failure. Thus it reduces admin’s efforts. The Volusion automatic email notifications are overridden with correct email content depending on success or failure. It also features custom order thank you for successful transactions and sorry try again pages for failed transactions.

Technical Components:JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs, ASP.NET