Simultaneous Payment Gateway Integration

A Volusion store would like to let the users transact in either in US dollars or Canadian dollars while using the same payment gateway in the back end.

(a) Display the prices in Canadian or US dollars depending on customers choice.
(b) Allow customers to either transact in Canadian or American dollars.

Volusion’s default mechanism allows an admin configure the store to display a dropdown list of international from which a user can pick a currency. Once the currency is picked by the user, all display prices changes to the corresponding selected currency. However even though the prices are displayed in a different currency, the currency used for transaction is same always. In this case, it happens to be US dollars. Volusion only allows one payment gateway to be configured per store.

Virtina’s client set up two accounts with their payment processor, one for US dollar and another for Canadian dollar. The account with US dollar was configured in the volusion store for US transaction. Virtina created middleware hosted on Virtina’s hosted middleware platform and configured the middleware the second account to handle Canadian dollar transactions. A custom Transaction Monitor script was put in place in the Volusion store to control the selection of the right account based on user selection of the currency type, to connect the middleware to the store to handle Canadian dollar transactions and also process the orders into Volusion.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs, PHP, Payment processor APIs, Custom APIs.