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The Racing saga

The #1 race communications equipment maker Racing Electronics (RE) approached Virtina for real-time device activation connected to an e-Commerce order placement.
The company born in 1988 was recently acquired by New York based live sports event broadcaster Fanvision Entertainment and became the exclusive retail provider of FanVision. RE owns and operates their own e-commerce store to sell racing scanners and packages, racing headphones, intercom and headphone accessories and adapter cables, stop watches, tote bags, and binoculars. Moreover, the company is also selling Fanvision Entertainment made gadgets and is the official radio communication partners of the NHRA and the NASCAR for motor sport event updates. The online store features Race Fans and Race Teams gadgets and rental packages for NASCAR, NHRA and INDYCAR motor sport events.

The complexity
RE owned e-commerce store for sale of its products and packages required an integrated activation system to activate devices purchased from the store. The company understands that the value of NASCAR, NHRA activation in real time would bolster their business. Earlier, RE purchasers had to purchase products from RE stores or online store and had to move to NASCAR, NHRA subscription portals for availing those product features. A separate login process had to be undergone. RE realized that this system is time consuming and was affecting lead conversions to a great extent. To find a better integration solution RE approached Volusion Premier Experts, Virtina.

The crucial element of the project was integration part. Purchases from RE hosted E-commerce web store have to be verified and the same have to be taken further to a Third Party Application for seeking activation. On approval from the third party servers, the serial keys have to be generated and emailed for activation in gadgets.

Wandering across the web for updating device, NASCAR and NHRA subscription was gone to history when Virtina stitched the integration part perfectly in Volusion Platform. Virtina’s decades of expertise in Volusion development are of assistance in Racing Electronics to launch a single click buyout platform. The newly developed system helps Racing Electronics customers to activate NASCAR, NHRA feeds at the time of gadget purchase without moving to NASCAR or NHRA activation portals. The serial keys for activation are generated in backend and the confirmation is made in real time while the customer completes its purchase. The single window buyout system is effectively executed in a Volusion developed platform coded by the proficient Volusion developers from Virtina. This helps RE in generating more revenue, as unplanned package buyouts can also get activation easily; even at the happening of racing event.

  • Smooth Carting
  • Real-time Activation
  • All under one roof
  • Customer satisfaction at peak
  • Quick quality services in single click

Experts developed a mid-ware in Volusion platform, the best and simple e-commerce coding environment; to integrate RE’s API and Third Party Application. The mid-ware developed optimized the communication of the hosting API with the Third Party Application. Generally, Volusion platform do not prop up any third party plug-ins to install or integrate, however mid-ware raised by Virtina experts is continuing its uninterrupted services.

Check if our team did it well

Our Approach

Recognized as experts for e-commerce development, Virtina approached the project with great significance. The team who learned by doing e commerce development has suggested a sales-in-mind platform for Racing Electronics to leverage high conversion rate and higher revenues. The prime objectives of the project are:

  • Real time Activation
  • Quick Checkout & Easy Updation
  • Exciting Race Day Experience for RE Customers
  • Stick to RE’s objective
  • Provide quality equipment service
  • Outstanding customer service

Why Volusion is the key question appeared during architecting, however our expertise in the Volusion development gave confidence to move further. Volusion is an easy to configure platform and would be handy for RE in the years to come.