Volusion and ERP Integration

Our customer needed to integrate; customer, order, inventory, shipping and tracking information with an external ERP, real time.

Scenario: Volusion and ERP Integration
Platform: Volusion
Vertical: eCommerce

Customer and Order information should be retrieved from Volusion and inserted into the external system as soon as the customer/order record gets added into Volusion. Shipping, Tracking and Inventory needs to be retrieved from the external system and inserted into Volusion into the Volusion Database Challenges: Even though Volusion provides multiple APIs, Volusion has no built in feature to allow real time integration. Even though a middle-ware utility can be created to constantly check and update both systems, such a utility will create additional costs, overhead, latency and dependency.

By adding custom event listeners on the Volusion Customer and Order processes, a more elegant solution was created to provide real time integration with the external ERP system. As a result, the customer and order information is passed into the ERP system within milliseconds as either of them are updated. Additionally, shipping, tracking and inventory information is updated within Volusion simultaneously within the ERP system.

Technical Components: JQuery/Javascript, HTML, Volusion APIs.