Making a change in the online food sales
Wagshals uphold the tradition of providing finest quality food and service allowing their customers to relish in a delicious way. Truly legitimate, it involves extensively in the supply of wide assortment of food products in an efficient manner.

What they required:
Wagshals wanted an extremely well crafted eCommerce platform that effectively and efficiently take forward the pickup and delivery fulfilling the varying food demands of customers.

How we assisted them:
Taking on the challenge, Virtina supported wagshals to create a platform with reliable customizable eCommerce platform, WooCommerce.

What they achieved:
Powered with powerful extensions and plugins, now Wagshals is able to take charge of the sale and shipment process on varied categories of food products in a perceptive way.



Extensive approach for far reaching benefits
Wagshals has from the beginning set out to be the largest establishment in America, giving it a remarkable position in the food industry. The concept was to form a framework that encompasses distinct product menus and to sync the links for a great online shopping experience.

Wagshals wanted a dynamic B2C e commerce food portal to order and buy food items specific to the interests of users from varied menu categories. Putting together the menu structure particularly the Holiday Pick up and Holiday Delivery menus was a challenge. It’s the critical part of online store, where the “holiday pick up” let the customers to order and pick up items based on date and location whereas the “holiday delivery” arrange delivery based on ZIP code and the date to the customer location.

It was demanding to incorporate both the backend and frontend functionalities that combine the whole processes together. I.e to effectively manage the orders, add items to the cart, Payment, and the pickup and delivery.

Besides offering customers the best online experience, good product display, design of the website’s navigation, drop down menus and getting the order right would be important like any other elements to make the site brilliant.
As far as the customers are concerned they expect quick delivery, thus it was more than a challenge to develop a healthy logistics and supply chain solution.



Giving customers, the choice of freedom

Wagshals has got the solution with the most customizable eCommerce platform from the certified WooCommerce experts – Virtina. Customers can have good time to experience their desired choice of food shopping through the “Holiday Pick Up” and “Holiday Delivery” options.

By enabling customers to pick their choice of shopping based on date and time, it really has given new definition to the online buying where they found it more comfortable. Stirred up with powerful extensions and plugins the site offers new sort of freedom and flexibility with more control and choice to the customers.

WooCommerce Order delivery or Pick Up Date Delivery plugin permit customers to select the date on which they want to receive the delivery or the pickup of items. With this solution, the expected shipping arrival or pick up date can be guaranteed for their orders. The company manage to deliver food items to distant locations with the most reliable shipping carrier called the UPS.

Backed by the complex rich solutions, Wagshals can enjoy profound source of income and ultimately excellent customer satisfaction.



Setting up a reliable path to a successful online business.

The solutions it put forth has encouraged Wagshals to connect with a wide range of customers to open door to new opportunities and orders. More than that, it doubled the customer satisfaction by having allowed to choose their choice of date for the pickup and delivery.

Furthermore Virtina gave the push with equal mix of captivating designs, images, product descriptions, payment systems, support and much more to increase the sales. With the constant analysis on the customer behavior, the number of visits made and the buying trends, the client can improve its potential reach and relationship with its growing customer base.

Got more things done that fits the customer requirements in a more transparent and robust way, with the Wagshals ecommerce project, virtina is lifted to an influential position in the specialization of WooCommerce development.

Choose WooCommerce
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