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Zumba Shop

Making you look fit while in the dance
Zumbashop is a one stop online destination that offers quality zumba wear, fitness apparels, workout clothes and acivewear for the customers.

What they required:
Zumbashop wanted to include a “Check Zin” feature that allow customers with Zin Membership to get discount of 20% on the products they purchase online.

How we assisted them:
Taking on the challenge, Virtina supported Zumbashop to create a login feature that enable Zin Membership customers to receive the discount.

What they achieved:
Accelerated by a robust middleware, now the “zin users” are able to login and client can accept and process the order correctly.


Zumbashop holds an important position in dealing with the finest quality Zumba wears and the fitness apparels.

The challenge is to develop a section “Check Zin” that enable only the Zin Membership customers to login. Its something that is highly demanding as the volusion, the eCommece platform in which the site is built on, allows little modification only. The provision facilitates the customers who have enrolled in the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) to obtain 20% OFF on the material they purchase online. Besides, it needed to enable “Pay at Store” and “Banwire payment systems”. This is to be done without affecting the existing payment procedure.

Since the coding is not supported by Volusion, it is more than a challenge to maintain a correct running of the system.


Zumbashop has got the solution with the integration of a middleware within the system from the certified Volusion experts – Virtina.

Now the customers with or without ZIN memebership can have a good time to shop their choice of wears and sports apparels. By enabling the customers to join based on their ZIN membership, it really has set up a system that fulfills the client requirement in a perfcet way. Powered with middleware functionalities the site offers flexible sort of payment freedom to their customers as well.

Now zumbashop can enjoy a great source of income and ultimately excellent customer satisfaction as well.


The solutions it put forth has encouraged the online business to connect with wide range of new customers and existing customers taking to new levels.

Furthermore it just gave the needed thrust with the blend of varied payment systems and the login system to their growing business. Now indeed the businesses can take charge of the whole business activities with a clarity filled payment systems and the membership logins.

With the much needed customization, Virtina once again has set a good example by creating a seemingly impossible task to a possible one.