Effortless Trading - Move to Saas Platforms

Effortless Trading – Move to SaaS Platforms

The Internet is an everyday requirement for today’s world, and this need of humanity has resulted in an explosive growth of eCommerce. There is no doubt that with the boom of eCommerce, we are witnessing a drastic change in the functioning of businesses and companies, irrespective of geography, size, and purpose.

Every eCommerce business website needs a basic design to set up an online store, and a single mistake in choosing an eCommerce platform will result in unimaginable impacts. So choosing a right store model is the basis for the success of every online store.

At present, eCommerce, the trendsetter of global business, is greatly influenced by cloud computing, Pass model, Software as a Service (SaaS), etc. According to the 2018 SaaS and Cloud startup report by yourstory.com, “Public cloud market is expected to grow by 20 percent, while the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow by 22 percent in 2018”. This report states that as per the latest market trends SaaS eCommerce platform is one of the best options to set up an online store. But many of the online store owners are still unaware of the advantages of SaaS platforms. Do you fall into this category?

Are you aware of the importance of SaaS or confused to decide on which platform to choose? Either of it, we have something to say. We feel it is high time for users to be aware of the relevance of using SaaS platforms.

Here it goes,

What is SaaS?

Software as a service, generally known as SaaS is the method of providing services for the store through internet. In simple terms, SaaS is nothing but renting an online software, to start an eCommerce website. With SaaS you can launch an online store fastly, save design time and budget to a greater extent.

SaaS platforms like Vtex, BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Volusion, etc. functions on the provider’s server and the store owner can access the site from any part of the world. This feature of SAAS avoids the risk and hassles involved in downloading software’s now and then.

Why to choose SaaS eCommerce platform?

No technical knowledge required

How beautiful it is to own a store in just a few clicks away, isn’t it?
To set up a SAAS online store, you don’t require any technical skills as everything from design to features are customized, and you only have to click and drag the items to set up your store.

Design the store yourself

SaaS platforms are pre-designed, so what if I want to add a final touch by myself, will it be possible? Almost every store owner who wants to set up a SaaS platform will come across this question often and the answer is “Yes”!

SaaS software is customizable, so, as per your choice and convenience you can alter or modify the design and features.

Outsource technical failures

Using SaaS platform,you set up the online store by yourself but you don’t have to worry about the technical errors that may occur in the future. Whenever you come across any technical issues, you can contact your vendor, and they will resolve the issue. The software provider will take care of the technical failures and you can be worry-free.

Quickly launch an Online store

With SAAS you can set up an online store within 30 days. But it also depends on the availability of product image, logo, content, payment, gateway, integration, shipping management tool, etc. So if using SAAS model, after signing up and paying the subscription, you can own your store hassle-free, within a chosen time frame.

Control the store from any part of the world

The best thing about SAAS platform is you can manage your store from any part of the world. If you want to make any changes or modifications to your store, you can do it by yourselves using the username and password provided. Moreover, the responsive admin panel of SAAS helps you to manage your store even through a mobile phone.


SAAS platforms are very cost-effective. When planning for the store, you will get an idea about the budget and price of SAAS platform.This cost is all inclusive of automatic software upgrades, training, security patches, technical assistance, and hosting. This awareness helps you to have a track on your budget too.


The advantages of SAAS platform are plenty. Nevertheless, like any other softwares, SAAS solution has its own disadvantages too. A store owner who plans to use this platform should also be aware of the pros and cons of the same.

Here, we have done the listing for you;

Pass Data To Third Parties

Since you ought to share commercial information to third party, security is a primary concern when considering SAAS platforms, but this entirely depends upon the platform vendor. Most of the vendors never sell data to third party and also ensure information secrecy as well as data encryption.

High-Speed Internet

High-speed Internet is pivotal for every SAAS platform. A low-speed internet will slow down the setting up of the eCommerce platform. Moreover, it may also cause hurdles when managing the store.

Ownership of the site

The copyright of the website will never be yours nor will be the vendor’s, but the company’s logo, images/videos, content, banners, etc. belongs to you. In a nutshell, when you stop your payment for eCommerce software, your website will immediately go down.

Which is the best SAAS eCommerce platform ?

After going through the advantages and disadvantages of SAAS platforms, what do you think? Isn’t it important it is to shift your store to a SAAS eCommerce platform? Even if you decide to shift to SAAS, you might be confused to pick the right one since there are many SAAS platform available in the market. Are you finding it as a herculean task? Relax, we as an eCommerce solution provider have tried our best to simplify your task!

We compared different SAAS eCommerce Platforms and has understood their the differences, advantages and features. After all these comparisons, we recommend you to go with VTEX. Wondering why? It features and advantages! Take a look into it;

VTEX is unique when comparing with other eCommerce platforms because of its very responsive design and solutions for SEO .The characteristic features of VTEX including the inbuilt integration facility helps any type of merchants to set up a new eCommerce website within “weeks” or “months.” The prominent attractions of VTEX includes Auto scaling, on-demand infrastructure, Content Delivery Network, OpenAPI and SDK, Integrations with many leading third-party partners etc.. In addition to this, VTEX comes up with a chain of features including content management, order management, order fulfillment, etc. and these are some of the characteristics that you won’t find on any other eCommerce platforms and you may have to buy or built all these features as per your needs and requirements. With all these advanced features and a marketing time of 4 months (maximum) ,VTEX can be considered as the best among the rest!

It is very evident that SAAS ecommerce solutions provides you with countless business opportunities, boost your sales and also helps you to assist your customers round the clock. If you are worried about running behind with your competitors then its high time for you to move to the best SAAS ecommerce solutions!

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