Come, Be a Part of WordCamp Philly 2020

One of the Most Popular Tech Conferences in the Country

WordCamp Philly is the premiere WordPress-related conference in Philadelphia. WordCamp has a rich history of bringing together content specialists, systems administrators, accessibility experts, SEO consultants, analytics whizzes, and others with an interest in WordPress, CMS, or websites. Virtina is a proud partner of this year’s WordCamp Philly.

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WordCamp Philly 2020 will be conducted online on September 26th, get your tickets NOW!

The platform is ideal for learning from some of the industry’s top minds, discussing growth strategies, and establishing professional relationships with experts in their fields. The conference, which is popular for being one of the most affordable ones in the industry, is even more attractive this time as the tickets are FREE this year. The 2020 WordCamp Philly will be held online, and you can attend it from the comfort of your home.

Are You on the Lookout for a WordPress or WooCommerce Expert?

Virtina has been at the forefront of innovating eCommerce for over a decade. We live and breathe eCommerce and are one of the proud partners of WordCamp Philly. We are bringing you the opportunity to employ one of the leading experts in WordPress and WooCommerce platforms for your website with the added advantage of a 25% reduction in the pricing.

How Virtina Helps You Build Successful and Robust eCommerce Stores?

Strategy and Design

We have one of the best processes in the industry when it comes to strategizing an eCommerce business. We follow a holistic purpose-focused approach that enables us to find exactly what your eCommerce store requires and formulate a strategy based on it. The design process also considers these factors to provide a friction-free and smooth user experience on your website.

Website Development

With certified expertise in WooCommerce and a demonstrated history of delivering revenue-driving eCommerce stores, Virtina is the foremost choice for WordPress and WooCommerce website development. Our team of experts works rigorously and with a passion, unlike any other. We equip your website with advanced features and functionalities that make interacting with the website easy for both the administrator and the user.

Migration and Integrations

WooCommerce is the most popular choice for eCommerce businesses as it is a well-rounded eCommerce platform that can keep up with almost any business requirements. WooCommerce has practically limitless integrations that enable it to implement pretty much any feature or functionality on it. When you combine this with the expertise of Virtina, the result is inevitably a superior eCommerce website for your business.

eCommerce Optimization

eCommerce optimization is essential for the smooth functioning of your eCommerce store. Our optimization process ensures that your store is running in optimal condition. This includes optimizing the site speed so that your users can access your website faster and providing better user experience. Furthermore, we can optimize the data usage, image or multimedia loading, and more to enhance the user experience and contribute to increasing the conversion rate.

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All You Need to Know About eCommerce and Virtina

10 Reasons for eCommerce Failure

Your eCommerce venture could end up being  a failure if you are not aware of all the factors that may have an adverse effect on your business. Learn about the most common but vital reasons behind eCommerce failure so that you can steer away from them.

How to Plan Your eCommerce Migration

eCommerce migration is one of the most complex processes you can subject your business to, and any mistakes made during the process can become critical. Learn how to create a comprehensive plan that can safeguard your website from the risks of website migration.

How to Generate High Traffic and Conversions

Your website is not really ready for business unless it has been optimized to bring in the right traffic and convert them from visitors to buyers. Virtina employs industry-leading practices like inbound marketing, SEO, and CRO to make higher traffic and conversions possible.

Human-to-human Digital Experience

After years of experience working in the eCommerce industry we realized the importance of human-to-human digital experience. Make your business successful by ensuring that the goal of every individual interacting with your website is met.