PayPal Express For Volusion

Increase your conversion rate on Volusion by 20% – Switch to PayPal Express.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, is your Volusion website ready to increase the conversion rate? Switch from PayPal standard to PayPal Express account.
Some of the key features that will help you increase your conversion rate are as follows:

• PayPal Credit (The US only).
Customer will now get time to make the payments while you will receive your payment upfront.

• Guest Checkout.
PayPal account is not mandatory, now your customer can make the payment by using a credit card.

• No additional cost.
PayPal Express Checkout starts at the same price as of PayPal Standard: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

• Increased sales volume.
No more IPN delays or pending e-Check payments for a more seamless and much better checkout experience.

• Authorization + capture.
Now you have the option to capture funds when you’re ready

• Accurate tracking with Google Analytics.
You can now track the customers/conversions as your customer will always return to your store.To get the new and improved PayPal Express, update your Payment settings! Log in to your account and go to Settings > Payments > More Payment Types. The option to update will be available in the PayPal section.

As a Certified Volusion ExpertsVirtina also encourages you to switch from PayPal standard to PayPal Express account. For more details about PayPal Express account please read our previous blog (click here).


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