Infographic – Magento 2 Features

Infographics the graphic visual representations of knowledge reveals the fact that Magento 2 will be highly applicable ecommerce platform in the coming days. The excellent features like remarkable user experience, security and flexibility make Magento 2 highly reliable. The added features will make Magento Development incredibly effective and easy. The system of infographics telling the truth that Mangento 2 is blessed with the excellent qualities like better compatibility along with reliable speed to make the great impact on E-commerce services in the form of further improvement. Since Magento 2 is considered as first of all a refactoring release, as a result there will be expected plenty of changes to the architecture in the form of improved scalability, remarkable expendability along with the quality of Magento. Magento 2 will be expected to allow configuring inheritance chains of relevant models from the additional extensions without any code changes, these qualities expected to makes it easier to upgrade these important extensions. Magento 2 would expect to provide good support for the spheres RDBMS MySQL, Oracle and along with MS-SQL. Without any doubt it would govern the IT world in the coming days with its remarkable elements and improved usability to make highly impactful influence.

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Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 Fatures – An infographic by the Magento Development team Virtina


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