WooCommerce Migration

Migrate within WooCommerce

Migrate your existing outdated WooCommerce store to the latest version of WooCommerce. Without the risk of losing data, move all your data from the current Woo Store to the newest version. All the entities are moved successfully from the Source Store & their relations retained in the Target Store. 

Any Platform to WooCommerce

Re-Platform to WooCommerce without any hassle; the migration experts in Virtina are proficient at the art of moving your entire inventory, orders, products, and more without any data loss or corruption. After migration, we check for duplication, data integrity, completeness & ensure all the entity relationships are maintained as it is.

All Entities

Virtina’s migration supports the most extensive list of transferable entities & multiple eCommerce solutions. It gives you a unique possibility to reshape your eCommerce business with a quick & straightforward WooCommerce migration. You can transfer to/from WooCommerce a full set of entities accurately & without difficulties.

Hassle-Free Migration

Virtina’s Migration service is the most Convenient & Secure way to perform WooCommerce migration. The service from the Woo Experts here will move from/to WooCommerce all your eCommerce data Smoothly, Safely & Swiftly. We provide the best lossless migration service with no impact on SEO

We ensure none of the sensitive data is corrupted or misplaced during the migration process. Transfer and Retain all the pre-existing content from the source store to the new store. All the entities and their relations are preserved as it is.

The Entities include but are not limited to products, orders, reviews, customers, images, blogs, and much more. Trust Virtina to perform a successful re-platforming operation. Migrate without any Downtime, Crashes, or Disruption on your Source Store. Choose Virtina to Upgrade/Migrate your eCommerce store.

Our Migration Workflow

Woocommerce-Migration-Flow -Chart

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What Makes Virtina Your Trusted eCommerce Partner?

We have an impeccable track record of delivering innovative WooCommerce Solutions. Our team of Woo Experts, formulate custom solutions that are not just flexible but highly scalable as well. And more importantly, we make sure that you get your project on time, every time!

At Virtina, we consider every factor that affects your business before Strategizing. We make a Complete & Comprehensible plan before the implementation of the project. We review every parameter that prevents your Woo Store from achieving its full potential in Sales, Profits & Topline Revenue.

Get access to unlimited advice on anything related to WooCommerce. Our WooCommerce Expert Developers will handle the work hand in hand with you to develop the best WooCommerce store – that puts your brand above the competitors. Hire a WooCommerce Web designer now!!!

  • Modular Modular
  • Flexible Flexible
  • Scalable Scalable
  • Predictable Predictable
  • On Time. Every Time On Time. Every Time

Want to Migrate your eCommerce store to WooCommerce?

Customer Feedback

As a newcomer in baby industry, Totlings had a tough challenge ahead of itself. We have to educate our potential customer base prior to engaging in a transaction. This was quite the challenge. This is where Bob Alba, the Oz came in, we were quickly introduced to the concept of fast flow, and mock design were made.the delivery was quick and flawless. I highly recommend Virtina as your go-to all-in-1 web solutions!

Gino Creglia

I am a web developer myself and have been working with WooCommerce for many years. When I find myself in a situation too difficult or time-consuming to fix, I turn to Virtina and rest easy knowing it will be handled quick and affordably. They are my secret weapon to get things done!


Virtina handled a complex custom update to the WooCommerce section of our website with ease and great professionalism. We found their team very friendly and easy to work with. Even many weeks later, they have been very quick to respond to any queries we had on the project. We would recommend Virtina to anyone looking for a complex addon to their WordPress site.

Cathal O’hÉidhin
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When migrating, will Virtina transfer Reviews & Ratings?

Yes, we realize the worth of all the valuable feedback you have collected from the customers. Thus, all your reviews & ratings will be transferred to the target store safely & their relations against each product will be preserved in the new store.

Can Virtina preserve SEO URLs & create 301 redirects to WooCommerce?

Yes, 301 SEO URLs of categories and products are available for migration to/from WooCommerce. We create 1:1 redirect, watch for redirect chains, look for loops, prioritize “SEO valuable” URL’s and finally test to confirm if everything is in place & done right.

Will Virtina migrate taxes to WooCommerce?

Yes, Virtina supports the migration of Taxes from/to WooCommerce. Taxes will be included with the product prices when re-platforming from the source store to the target store.

When migrating, Can I migrate reward points?

Yes, it is possible to transfer Customer Reward points from/to WooCommerce. From the number of points each shopper has received, redeemed rewards, value and the expiration of these points are all seamlessly moved. The Reward Program structure is retained on the target platform.

Can I migrate Credit Card information?

Yes, Virtina supports the ability to move user's credit card transfer while migrating from/to WooCommerce. In such cases, data provided by the customers – like Billing & Shipping addresses information will also be moved successfully.

Can Virtina migrate multilanguage to WooCommerce?

Yes, Virtina supports the migration of multiple languages to/from the WooCommerce store. In some cases, you’d have to install & configure additional modules before the data transfer - but it is entirely possible to accomplish the migration of multi-language sites.