Omnichannel E-commerce marketing

Why Omnichannel E-commerce Marketing ?

In the future of eCommerce marketing, Omni-Channel allows you to dictate how exactly your transaction takes place. With increased personalization, in the coming years, you will find the market poised to give you exactly what you want, when you want and how you want. The consumer is truly now, the King.

Omni-Channel – Harvesting the Universal; the Power of One:

Having a singularly uniform, seamless shopping experience across all devices and extension into real life is stuff that dreams are made of. Imagine not having to figure out how to navigate through different rows, columns, and aisles. Imagine that once you have figured out the mobile app, everything else – shopping online or in a brick and mortar store just falls into place. Like, magic!

Omnichannel is the latest generation of a multi-channel approach. It is the cross channel platform doing well. Very well indeed.

Omni-Channel in eCommerce – Taking continuity to the next level:

What sets Omni-Channel apart in eCommerce is that it effortlessly weaves together the benefits of the internet and marketing. The internet is a powerhouse of data and information about you, your choices and your ideas. Omni-channel enables the interface between eCommerce platforms and you, going beyond just a brand.

It gives you ownership of data and experience related to what you like, what you want and what suits you. It helps you make the choices and enhances every future experience you might have.

So across devices, you can pick styles, compare and contrast and simply do more. And this is through an interactive interface on your mobile phone, your laptop, desktops and tablets, through on call marketing and even as you walk into a store. In eCommerce, omni channel has the potential to break brand barriers too. Because when the communication becomes omnipotent and breaks the barriers of platforms, personalization attains a whole new level.

It is completely tailored to you. Omni-Channel is bespoke.

How does this apply when you shop?

If a store or brand has implemented an omni-channel eCommerce approach and platform, here are examples where you, as the customer will notice its impact:

  • A customer service representative – be it at the store, on call or on a web-chat interface will be able to reference previous purchases made and thus understand your shopping preferences.
  • You, yourself would be able to browse through your earlier preferences and purchases and decide on how your style needs to evolve.
  • If the app platform allows it, you will receive predictive style ideas and updates when these get stocked!

Omni-Channel is not restricted to retail. It has revolutionized banking, finance and healthcare already. What makes it a definite winner is how it creates space for research, visualization and personalization.

There is nothing else in the world of marketing that actually says “Customer is King” and proves it. Omni-channel eCommerce marketing is here to stay. We might as well enjoy the attention.

After all, deep inside we are all little princes and princesses living in our own Wonderland.

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