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Why Online Reviews are Crucial For eCommerce Success

In a digital world, online reviews are a day to day affair. As an online customer, what is your opinion about reviews? Do reviews affect a business? After deciding to buy a product, what is the first thing you do? Google about it, right? You will grab information about the product, from different sources. Later, you will compare different brands that offer the same product. Isn’t? You also read reviews before buying a product or choosing a brand? Have you ever purchased an item after reading a negative comment or 1-star rating? It is evident that  online reviews influence you, right?

In the recent past, online businesses realized the importance of establishing an online reputation which is created through customer reviews. It is evident that Customer reviews influence buyers. If you recall your online buying experience, you will know that there were times when you choose or reject a product after skimming through customer testimonials. This activity of customers establishes that reviews attract customers and helps them to decide whether to buy or ignore a product.

While advertisements inform customers about a product, reviews help them to compare the product and make a choice. Yes, customers trust feedback from other customers more than ads because when comparing both, reviews provide the minutest things that matter to consumers. Business organizations have realized the importance of reviews ever since Google display it in search engine results pages (SERPs). Though reviews vary in information and comprehensibility, studies have proven that reviews play a crucial role in the performance of a brand. Moreover, reviews are capable of creating a powerful impact on the audience too.

After recognizing the power of reviews, site owners display reviews in result pages, so customers can see them even before visiting a website. The growing number of online reviews is beneficial for both customers and companies because online reviews help businesses to convey their personality, build trust, improvise ranking and sales. On this account, reputation marketing is crucial for online stores. So for better branding and marketing, businesses should take care of unsatisfied customers and acknowledge positive reviews simultaneously. The reviews and star ratings are a social proof that help shoppers to simplify their shopping process. A recent survey reports that 56% of customers choose a business if they found favorable ratings in google reviews. This figure means that in every aspect online reviews are critical.

Now, let us see how reviews help businesses.

Let us delve into the details,

1. Ranking

Reviews and star ratings help business to get higher ranking on search engine results. The recent studies made by Moz and The Local SEO Guide explains that the customer testimonials influence search engine ranking. It is proven that Online reviews help websites to rank higher both in the paid searches and organic search results.

2. Improves Click-Through Rates

A recent report quotes that 56% of consumers click on a product when they find online reviews. Clicks are one of the primary business goals and reviews help to achieve the same. It is also evident that a website with star rating generates greater CTR when comparing to one without rating in organic search results. Also, it is noted that a favorable 3+ star rating has a better effect on click-through rates.

3. Buying Decision

Customers who trust online reviews are increasing. It is astounding to know that 88 percent of consumers believe online reviews posted by total strangers as much as they trust personal recommendation. In a nutshell, reviews not only have a positive impact on search rankings but also plays a crucial role in influencing customers buying behaviors.

4. Create Trust With Potential Customers

Creating an online reputation is a must for businesses. For building an online reputation, every company has to rely on customer reviews and star ratings. It is noted that customers go through reviews when they decide to buy a product. Most of the customers read 10+ reviews of products from different brands before trusting it. They cross-check reviews on various digital platforms before finalizing a product. When taking this into account, reviews follows better sales. Undoubtedly, the power of reviews on sales and marketing is endless!

To conclude,

In the present scenario, with mobile optimization, social media revolution and technological innovation online reputation have become crucial for companies. Customer feedback, be it positive or negative can break or make your business. Now, if your website doesn’t have customer reviews or testimonials, it is high time for you to include it.

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