Odoo Development Services

Your business deserves an amazing platform that can make its management easily capable of enhancing your employee's productivity, and Odoo can deliver it for you!

Fully automate your business processes

Family of apps that work seamlessly together

Boost your sales with CRM, POS, and sales software with Odoo eCommerce services

Integrate services with a centralized project, timesheet, and helpdesk management

Streamlines operations with manufacturing, inventory, and purchase management

Superior website builder for creating a stunning website with smart features and dynamic functionality for your business

Modern open-source online store for your business

Easy finance management with superior invoicing and accounting solutions for hassle-free and smooth experience

Enhanced marketing capabilities with automation and advanced email marketing for digital transformation

Odoo studio and Odoo cloud platform to customize and develop your high-end websites

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Why Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source development model that offers your business the world's largest ecosystem of fully integrated business apps. It comes with over 10000 modules that help you meet your sales, productions, accounting, reporting, and management needs. It also comes equipped with one of the most robust ERP solutions in the world. Most importantly, Odoo is scalable to fit any and all business requirements you may have.

Odoo Customization Service Tailor-made for Your Unique Business

Odoo offers scalable solutions beyond comparison and offers a viable solution to all your business needs. Odoo presents you with a family of apps that work seamlessly together, rendering other subpar solutions irrelevant. The ERP solution from Odoo is one of the best in the industry, enabling you to create comprehensive systems. The superior adaptive nature of Odoo makes it possible for you to come up with customized solutions that can blend seamlessly to form one perfect system.

At Virtina, we strategize, design, and develop Odoo solutions, plan project management that will form the base for a successful business capable of driving growth. Our team of Odoo experts has extensive experience working with the Odoo platform and are familiar with every Odoo functionality, which makes it possible for us to deliver exactly what your business needs. Virtina has worked with the leading companies in all major industries, making us a valuable asset to our clients. Our experience has shaped us to be the top innovators, along with our expertise in Odoo enables us to formulate the best solutions for your business.

Virtina is proud to be officially listed as an eCommerce Business Service Provider (BSP) by the U.S. Commercial Service. The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the United States Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. They extend their services and a full range of expertise to companies involved in international trade including eCommerce.

ITA eCommerce Innovation Lab
ISO 9001: 2015

Virtina is now officially ISO 9001:2015 certified! This is a huge accomplishment for our team, and we are so proud to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in eCommerce development. The certificate implies that we are now recognized as an international leader in eCommerce development. We are always committed to providing our clients with the highest quality eCommerce development services.

Various Technologies

Our Odoo Development Services Include

Odoo Integration

Seamless integration that works flawlessly in rhythm with each other like an in-built feature enhancing dependability on the system.

Odoo Customization

The open-source Odoo enables us to customize it to fit all your needs without compromising your website's integrity.

Odoo Website Development

Our team of Odoo ecommerce experts can build a highly scalable website for your business and equip it with the most advanced features.

Odoo UI/UX Implementation

Our designers are reputed for delivering a UI/UX interface that can convey brand value and reduce friction on your Odoo Store.

Odoo Implementation

We ensure complicated Odoo implementations like the ERP are carried out seamlessly and customized to suit your unique business.

Odoo Migration

Ensure the easy and smooth migration of your website by hiring our Odoo experts. We ensure that your store remains intact.

Odoo Module Development Services

Our Odoo experts help you build custom Odoo modules or evolve existing modules' functionality, making your website more dynamic and intuitive, ahead of existing business models.

Odoo App Development Solution

We can develop a dedicated Odoo app for your business to give you a seamless omnichannel experience and enhance your reach with the application development services.

Odoo Support and Maintenance

We offer all-around support and maintenance of your Odoo store. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you with any and all Odoo requirements.

Virtina’s Odoo Development Workflow

Business Requirement Analysis

Business Requirement Analysis

Your business requirement is unique, and in this phase, we help you better understand your eCommerce needs. The requirements submitted by the client are analyzed in detail and cross-checked with the industry trends and business size. Furthermore, we take into account the competitor data to arrive at the right strategy for your business.


The second phase involves consolidating all the data collected during the requirement analysis phase. We develop an optimal strategy for your business after considering every factor that may affect your online business such as user experience. The strategy accounts for the latest industry trends and even your competitor data to ensure that you get a head start.



Once the strategy has been finalized, we move on to the development such as theme development. Our Odoo experts maintain the highest quality of development and follow a holistic approach that minimizes error. The project manager oversees that the duties are split among the team and ensures that all the functional requirements are met. The project is subjected to approval at multiple levels to ensure the project's quality throughout the development, staging, and production process.

Testing and QA

Once the development process is completed, the project is handed over to our quality analysts for conducting a quality check. This phase ensures that all the functionalities are working as they should and delivering everything the client requested.

Testing and QA


After the testing of the system is successfully carried out, our experts move on to the demo phase, where the client is given a comprehensive demo of the system. The client is made aware of the specific changes and functionalities implemented on their website. If the client requires any further changes, it is carried on to the re-evaluation stage.


Virtina offers one of the best Odoo development processes in the industry, thanks to its holistic approach. Despite how good a process we have, there will always be times when the client wants to make a minor tweak on the website. The re-evaluation stage is exactly for that. Any changes the client demands in the demo phases are carried out in this phase to ensure that the site is built exactly how the client wants it.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

After all of the above stages are completed, the project is finally delivered to the client. This is done only after the changes if any mentioned in the re-evaluation stages are made to the website. The changes are again subjected to a demo and client-approval before the project delivery can be made. Virtina makes it a point to deliver functionally superior and aesthetically pleasing websites that can convey brand stories.

Why You Should Choose Virtina For Your Odoo Project?

Personalized Service

Virtina is a leading Odoo development company providing a personalized service to its clients where every little detail of the project is presented to the client to ensure their complete involvement in the project. Our expert team provides cutting-edge Odoo solutions and successful implementation of core technologies in the ecommerce domain through seamless implementation process...

Easy Odoo Customization options

Our experienced team of Odoo experts can easily customize your Odoo store and its modules to suit your unique requirements while ensuring its smooth functioning and helping you attain new business solution.We focus on improving your online presence.

In-time Delivery

Well-qualified and talented team of Odoo developers follow a holistic process with a well-defined hierarchy that minimizes the error, employs project planning and strives for the perfect solution that makes it possible for us to deliver your project in-time every time, build your e-commerce store...

Team of Odoo Experts

Our development team of Odoo experts is well-versed in the platform and its functionalities that enable us to make all your ideas into reality on your Odoo store and you can progress with your business operations.Our team of Odoo experts is well-versed in the platform and its functionalities that enable us to make all your ideas into reality on your Odoo store.

Odoo End-to-end Service

Virtina is a trusted Odoo development company catering to all your Odoo requirements, from bugfix to integrations to migration delivered easily by our dedicated team. Virtina is your go-to company for anything related to Odoo.Regular technical up-gradations are also offered post delivery.

Holistic Approach

Our team of developers and project managers follow a holistic approach to Odoo development and services, which makes it possible for us to weed out your Odoo issues from the root and optimize them so that you can steer ahead with your business goals and focus on your business functions.

Gigi JK
eCommerce Strategist, CEO

About Virtina

I started Virtina with the sole purpose of helping companies do better business than what they did. I wanted to break the mould, get these business owners to shun their orthodox practices, and embrace new-age solutions. I wanted them to see how eCommerce can be a game-changer for increasing sales, simplifying operations, creating memorable customer experiences, and elevating profits. My goal ahead is to make more merchants view eCommerce the way I do - it's more than just a sales channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Odoo an Open-source platform?

Yes, Odoo is an open-source platform. It comes with a family of apps that world seamlessly with each other, and it offers one of the best ERP solutions in the world. Odoo is well on its way to create the world's largest ecosystem of fully integrated apps.

Is it possible for me to install Odoo on the cloud?

Yes, you can easily host the Odoo server on cloud or on-premise, depending on your unique business requirements.

Does Odoo come with a premium version?

Odoo offers two editions, namely, the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Both versions are similar, and the Enterprise Edition is based on the Community Editions except with the exclusive Enterprise Contract module package.

Is Odoo Free?

Odoo is open-source and hence free too. Community Edition remains free and accessible to everyone. However, the Enterprise Edition of Odoo is license-based.

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