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How to find a top quality Magento developer from India?

Magento is used by about 30% of online stores across the world, and is considered the most popular e-commerce platform. Ecommerce entrepreneurs love Magento because it is an open source platform and is very reliable. It also has great functionalities and a plethora of added features. Moreover, countless themes and plugins are available at Magento Connect– the Magento extension marketplace.

Developing an online store using Magento is not a cakewalk. It is a task only an expert developer can accomplish well. Your challenge is to find an experienced Magento developer who you can trust, and get along with without any hassle. India is the perfect destination to find top quality Magento developers. What makes India popular? The availability of highly skilled and experienced developers at affordable rates. Before hiring a developer from India, however, you need to consider some important factors.

First, you need to make sure that the developers have the skillset and experience to achieve your objectives. Your developers must have a mastery of all the aspects of Magento eCommerce. To ensure this, make a list of the competencies the developer needs to have. Before you hire someone, check whether he/she meets your criteria and don’t settle for less.

Freelancer or Agency? Which option is better? In India you can find plenty of freelance developers and development companies. Usually, a freelancer alone cannot provide you with the service required for such a complex system such as Magento. For lesser solutions, a freelancer can get the job done and do it an affordable rate. Ultimately, the credibility factor is low and the risk is high in hiring a freelancer. Agencies can give you far superior service in case of project management, communication, quality, timely delivery, and support issues. So unless it is a minor fix to an existing site, hiring an agency is undoubtedly the better option for a Magento development project.

When it comes to price in India you will find both ends of the spectrum. Price and quality are often inversely related so it would be wrong to expect a lower-priced developer to deliver the best quality Magento development solutions. Therefore it is critical that you hire a developer or an agency based on your needs and anticipated future needs. This will save you from unnecessarily hiring someone who is overqualified at an expensive rate. In India, developers with immense experience and expertise are available at very moderate prices. What a quality developer in the US charges $80-$100/hour for, an expert with the same qualities in India will charge $20-$30/hour.

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In addition to the affordability of hiring a developer in India, there is also the added benefit of having crucial work done outside of the typical business hours. In the US, for example, the regular work day ends at 5pm and developers will have to work over the clock if anything needs to be done after the fact. India has a +11 hour difference compared to Eastern Standard Time, which means that developers there can work through the night, long after your work day, and have solutions for you ready in the morning. This offers flexibility and productivity, bot essential values to your eCommerce businesses. Aside from value this adds, the issue of time difference is an important factor to consider when looking hiring developers in India.

Have a clear understanding and vision of your requirements before beginning to look at factors in hiring a Magento developer from India. Ask yourself essential questions about affordability, price range, expertise, problem size, future growth, timeliness, and efficiency. Once you’ve identified your requirements, outlined your ideal set of criteria and attributes, asked the right questions that we’ve shown you, and you’ve weighed your options you will be ready to move on. Based on the culmination of all the listed above information, you should now have a clear idea of what you want. You can now consult different agencies and choose the best one for your online store development based on your preferences.

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