Referral Marketing Integration plugin Woocommerce

How To Do Referral Marketing Integration In Woocommerce?

Referral market integration is by far the smartest way to get your marketing campaigns to fly! And, bring some very real results to your business, such as:

  • Your sales figures going up through word-of-mouth.
  • You can start a reward program that helps maintain customer loyalty and encourages referrals. For example: by rewarding those who refer.

Ideally all referral marketing integration should track the following step by step process;

  • Identify customers when they buy something from your store
  • Auto generate a gift coupon that these customers can send their friends
  • Alert that the customer can redeem points or receive a gift when these friends buy using that coupon.
  • Track the referrals so it can be used for later network marketing endeavours.

This is an assured win-win for everyone. Not only does your first customer get a reward and their friends a discount, you also end up making way more sales and gain new customers. The referral tracking helps broaden your marketing scope as well.

When you are going through plugins to integrate referral marketing in Woocommerce, it is suggested that you look at plug ins that cover the following features:

  • Go big: Go for something that does not have account limits. This helps you plan the largest possible referral program – after all, the more customers and advocates, the higher your sales, thanks to the logistics of the word-of-mouth mechanism that referrals follow.
  • Automated: Referral marketing is a headache if you try to get manual. So go for a plug in that automates the sending of coupons or even cash rewards.
  • Dynamic: Do not get stuck. There has to be a self service dashboard through which you can control the structure, look and feel of your referral marketing integration.
  • Social Media Support: All referral marketing integration attempts are downright useless if you cannot have the advocates share links on Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Customized: The plug in must be totally customizable so it syncs in with all your other Woocommerce systems as well as your greater website, carry your brand image forward into the digital media and social media world.Your scoop would be to get a plug in that combines couponing and word of mouth marketing to integrate finely into your Woocommerce. Then of course there are plugins depending on your exact requirement. We have listed out a few to explain the types of need that different plugins can highlight. And what more, while each plug in may highlight one aspect of referral marketing integration, it pretty much meets all the desirable features we discussed before.

When you require sharing: If you are trying to clean up links, do click tracking from emails, chase the Twitter trails or pass it on through digital media areas like blogs etc, Pretty Link Lite / Pro could be the plug in for you. It shrinks, tracks and manages as well as shares any URL that you would want it to from your website.

When you require the clerical: If you are looking for an assistant of some sorts to which you can offload clerical work, Affiliates is your plug in for sure. It generates automated affiliate registrations, management sections and integration abilities.

When you require the net-worker: Heard of InviteBox? This plug in is like the extrovert high schooler. It lets you set up amazing referral programs such as those with rewards – instant or goal oriented as well as contests. When you require the global citizen: Quite an awe inspiring plug-in which can function in 17 languages! We are talking about InviteReferral. Ideal for campaigns, it is a good idea to use this when you are aspiring to go international.

There are of course a wealth of such plugins available. So simply identify your key requirement and get cracking. Certain Plugins like ReferralCandy and Refer-A-Friend might prove to be starters in your Referal Marketing initiatives. So, when are you starting up? And do share your experiences about how the Referral Marketing initiatives helped boost sales and experience for you. After all, nothing works better than WOM Marketing and every industry has solid statistics to back that.

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