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WordCamp Philly 2020

WordCamp Philly is the premiere WordPress-related conference in Philadelphia. WordCamp has a rich history of bringing together content specialists, systems administrators, accessibility experts, SEO consultants, analytics whizzes, and others with an interest in WordPress, CMS, or websites. Virtina is a proud partner of this year’s WordCamp Philly.


Nimble Leader Webinar July 2020

Join Gigi JK Managing Director of Nimble Leader and the Founder/CEO of Virtina and Andrew 'Drew' Ortyn is Founder and CEO of Nimble Leader LLC as they take you on an insightful journey to find the secret to eCommerce revenue growth.


Nimble Leader Webinar June 2020

Virtina is proud to be a part of this Nimble-Leader “Tactics for Growth” Webinar Series. as our CEO, mentor, and eCommerce architect Gigi J.K. will be presenting a webinar on “Grow eCommerce Revenue - NOW!”