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Essential SEO Tips for Your Volusion eCommerce Stores in 2016

More than 40000 eCommerce stores across the world are using Volusion, one of the most beloved eCommerce store builders, and the number is still going up. Their website says, the total business exceeds $18 billion to date. The major reason behind this outstanding success is not only the easiness of building a robust eCommerce platform but also the above par customer support they provide 24×7. One of their recent intervention was into the SEO, the area which most of their customers are struggling with. So Volusion introduced some new features and published tutorials on enhancing the search engine optimization of Volusion stores. This article is trying to give the answers to some frequent questions asked by Volusion users.

1. How to create SEO friendly URLS in my Volusion store?

Is your current product URL something like this: www.myvolusionstore.com/product_details.asp?ID=cnss325? If yes, you can change it to a beautiful SEO friendly URL like this with just two clicks: www.myvolusionstore.com/fashion-clothes-jeans-Set-p/cds325.htm.

Check the ‘Enable SEO friendly URLs’ box under the sub-section, ‘SEO’ in the major section, ‘Marketing’ -> Then click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

Now all your URLs will be automatically rewritten to SEO friendly format with keywords!

2. How to add meta tags for Volusion stores?

Meta tags including meta page title and meta descriptions are highly useful in promoting your store online.

To add them: Go to Marketing-> SEO and Click on ‘Default Values’, the first section. Then simply add or edit all meta tags.

This default values will automatically generate meta data for every page with blank SEO fields and help you save time from going to all pages and adding it manually.

3. How to create meta information for products?

You can optimize each product in Volusion, in case you want to promote it separately.

Click on ‘Inventory’ and select ‘Products’ -> Select the product code of the product ->Click on ‘Advanced Info’ and expand the section -> Select ‘Search Engine Optimization’ tab and add Product URL, Alt Text for Images, Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

4. How to fix broken links in my Volusion eCommerce store?

Broken links and broken 301 redirects are the major SEO issues of any eCommerce website. You can find the broken links using tools like Screaming Frog or Xenu.

After finding the broken links, you need to go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Maintenance’ -> Select Manage 301 redirects near the bottom of the page.
Add the broken link in ‘Source Path’ and the link to which you want to redirect in the ‘Target Path’ -> Then click ‘Save’.

5. How quality content can help me in SEO?

The most important factor that favors SEO is high quality, unique content. It’s ultimate in delivering happiness to your clients, driving more traffic to your website and enhance its page rank in search engine result pages. So you must be really cautious while adding meta data and content in your pages. Avoiding keyword stuffing, use of call to action in proper ways, priority in passing information to users, etc. matter a lot. You can also think of adding a blog to your eCommerce store and update it on a regular basis. This will keep the content of your site fresh and make it more SEO friendly. You can also use it to promote your products and services.

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These are some basic doubts users usually have about optimizing their eCommerce business. Applying these simple tips will definitely help you in boosting your presence in search engine results. However, you need to realize that SEO does not give you quick results. It usually takes a long time and demands great effort. It’s a complex process too. Therefore, it will be better if you can consult an SEO expert who has good experience and proven skills in optimizing eCommerce stores.

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