Woocommerce product page setup

Setting Up a Product Page Using WooCommerce in WordPress – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions and comes next to Magento in number of stores. Although there are many other plugins to convert WordPress into an online store, nothing can reach near WooCommerce in popularity. The bewildering number of more than one million active installs shows how massive is the support it’s getting from the eCommerce community. In this step by step guide, we would like to take you through the setting up of a product page using WooCommerce plugin.

Step 1 – Install WooCommerce Plugin
Search for WooCommerce in the plugin section of your WordPress admin section. Then install and activate the latest version of WooCommerce. 2.4.12 is the latest one.

Step 2 – Installing WooCommerce Pages
Click on ‘Install WooCommerce Pages’ on the notification message appearing on your dashboard after the first step.

Step 3 – Add and Manage New Products
After the second step, you will see two new tabs appeared on dashboard’s side menu – WooCommerce and Products. The first one contains general settings. Click on the ‘products’ tab, select ‘Add Product’ and start adding your products. You can add title and product description.

That done, scroll down below the post editor to reveal two new widgets on the post editing screen: product data and product short description.

Step 4 – Add Product Data
Click on the Products tab and take Add New. From the product data screen widget, you need to select the virtual product option if you are selling digital products that do not require shipping. In that case, there will be no shipping data tab.

Then you have to add an SKU (Unique Identification Number) for the product and the regular & sales prices on the general tab.

In case of digital products, you need to upload the files. You can customize the download limit, expiry date, and the file type.

Step 5 – Add Stock Details
On inventory tab, you can find options to customize and manage your stock. You can enter the quantity, stock status, etc. You can also mark the product as individually sold. So customers can buy only one in a single order.

Step 6 — Add Additional Details
You can add more useful attributes of your product that your customers want to know in this section. User can see it by clicking on the Additional Information Tab on the product page they see.

Step 7 – Add Details in Custom Tabs
You can add custom package notes, menu order and enable or disable review options in the Advanced Tab.

Step 8 – Add Product Short Description
Go to WP Admin > Products > Add New. From there you can open the product short description screen widget. You can add a shot line that describes your product there. It will be displayed under the product title.

After you complete all these steps, you will get a product page almost as shown in the screenshot of the live preview below:

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