WordPress website speed optimization plugins for developers

If your site loads slow, you lose out on money as customers lose interest and Google also gets your rating down. You need not be a tech genius to get your website loading super quick. There are some great wordpress website speed optimization plugins for developers. Here is a list.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This reduces file size for images without messing up how it looks! Quite a gift it automatically does its magic once you plug it in and gives you a suite of tools to even optimize the images. Fair warning, you cannot edit animation after performing an optimization so give the GIF animation files a thorough once over before applying this plug in.

Use Google Libraries

Share your load with google. When your website or theme uses components such as say Prototype, Dojo or jQuery, users have to download the script. With cache enabled and pulling in Google Libraries, that plug in lets your site use hosted versions on Google’s AJAX Libraries API.


So revisions are important. But the problem with WordPress is that it creates a revision and stores it on the MySQL overhead thus burdening it and making the loading speed slower. Ditto for comments pending approval or marked spam. WP-Optimize does the housekeeping for you on this, clears out post trash, removes trackbacks/pingbacks and transient options as well. And, it runs automatically!

WP Super Cache

Websites take time to load because for every person who visits, it has to load logos, CSS files and resources. When you enable browser cache, the browser can use its memory for items it has to load so it does not have to do it all over again. The WP Super Cache plugin generates a static HTML file from your WordPress blog. Thus the server uses it instead of processing bigger PHP scripts. Automatically running, the plug in comes with advanced settings as well.

WordPress Inspector

A free online tool, the WordPress Inspector checks for everything important. It checks for speed, performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security – the entire package that helps you find ways to get your website be at its awesomest best.

This needs to be a regular activity and helps most when done every week. In addition to the plugins mentioned above. Here is a list of things to check off your list as you sit down with your website to make it quicker. Choose a good host. The WP Engine is a choice that many WordPress users swear by.

Stick to the WordPress basic themes. The Thesis theme framework is deemed the fastest loading, by the way.
Use a content delivery network and as mentioned above ensure cache on your WordPress page make some content choices on the following lines.

  • Choose to show excerpts instead of full posts
  • Keep minimal number of posts per page
  • Minimise the sharing widgets
  • Keep your plugins and widgets to only those that you use.
  • Keep it minimalistic – by look, feel and content.

Once you have checked off the above list, sit back and relax. Your plug ins will manage the show.

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