Wordpress Website Speed Optimization

WordPress Website Speed Optimization Plugins For Developers

Loading speed is crucial for the success of your website. Think, how long will you wait for a site to load? Won’t you leave a site if it’s too slow?

In every aspect, website speed optimization is crucial. Why?


Your effort in building your website will be in vain if your website speed optimization is not up to the mark. Website speed optimization defines your online business and the future of your e-commerce store. You must be aware of the ever changing technological trends as well as the preference of customers too. The rise of technology has witnessed constant growth in e-commerce businesses and there is a drastic change in customer behaviour as well.

In 2010, Search Engine Land reported that Google officially announced, “Speed as the ranking factor of a website.”This simply means it is no more a secret that Google has emphasized that website speed optimization resulting user-friendliness and better customer experience is crucial for a site. Google includes page loading speed in the search algorithms. So, If your site is faster, then you will get the better ranking from Google. If not, your website will suffer! On the contrary, if visitors find a page time consuming, they may wait for few seconds and then will leave that site. In every means, website speed optimization plays a vital role in your business success.

In 2015, it was reported that the number of people preferring mobile searches exceeded desktop searches. This change has brought a huge shift in consumer behavior and has brought great challenges, like smaller screens, slower connections, and limited processing power. It was evident that if sites were not user-friendly, chances to lose potential customers are enormous!

Considering all these, for the need of the hour, Google came up with a better solution, i.e., design another browsing experience for mobile devices. And today we speak about mobile-first strategy and AMP enabled stores, something Google is very serious about!

A study conducted by Tagman.com has revealed that Page load timing delay, even for a second can potentially result in a loss of about 7% in conversion.

What is your say?

Do you think slow loading sites are disasters? Will website speed optimization, result in a massive loss?

Well, it is all partially true! But, if you do something to tackle it, then you don’t have to worry about it. That sounds interesting and relieving. Right?

So, what are you going to do? Simple, Choose WordPress plugins!

Sounds Relieving, isn’t it? Take a look,

WordPress plugins are designed to boost your page load speed using different mechanisms like the design, structure, and reach of your page. There are different plugins that are suitable for different type of sites. That is, a plugin for sites with heavy images, plugins for relatively high traffic site and many more….

Here is a list of speed inducing plugins for your site…. We have listed our favorite plugins! We hope, this will be useful for you!

Let’s dive in:

1.WordPress Inspector

This plugin will inspect the speed of the site, security, SEO, and performance. Your WordPress URL, plugins, and Theme will be sent to https://wordpress.inspector.io where different benchmarks and tests will be carried out on your WordPress. This will let you know how your site performs. This plugin also includes security and exploit scanner that scans your WordPress and find broken themes and plugins. Identifying and removing broken plugins results in the high performance of your WordPress site. It also checks the issues that cause the drop in SEO rankings. All these features of this WordPress plugin help for website speed optimization.

2.WP Super Cache

This WordPress plugin is a static cache which generates HTML files that are served directly by Apache. .Websites take time to load because, for every person who visits, it has to load logos, CSS files, and resources. When you enable browser cache, the browser can use its memory for items it has to load, so it does not have to do it all over again. This plugin identifies each cache and improves performance. Since the cache files are split into two, the meta files will be saved in their directory and fasten the scanning and updating of the cache The WP Super Cache plugin generates a static HTML file from your WordPress blog. Thus the server uses it instead of processing bigger PHP scripts. Automatically running, the plugin comes with advanced settings as well.

3. WP-Optimize

This plugin boosts the website speed by automatically cleaning WordPress database. This cleaning session maximizes the efficiency and performance of the store. WP- optimize removes all unnecessary data like trashed/spam comments unapproved/, stale data in addition to the removal of pingbacks, trackbacks, and void transients. It is best preferred to carry out a detailed control of optimizations and also performs automatic clean-ups weekly. If you are looking for a mobile-friendly plugin which is translated into several languages, then WP-optimize is the best plugin to attain speed optimization of your site.

In a precise WP-OPTIMIZE HELPS YOU TO make space for your database, take control of your store and clean your database as per your specification.

4. Use Google Libraries

This plugin permits your WordPress site to avail the content distribution
network part of Google’s AJAX Library API, instead of serving them from WordPress install directly. This specification of Google libraries is beneficial in numerous ways as it removes load from the server, uses compressed versions of available libraries, thus boosts the efficiency of your WordPress plugin.

5. EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer boosts your page speed through image optimization, which results in better ranking and improvised conversion rates. Apart from all these, It saves storage space and bandwidth. This plugin also optimizes all the images that are already uploaded and also convert images to the best file format. According to your choice, you can pick pixel perfect or high compression options whichever is visually appealing. In short, you can use EWWW Image optimizer to get rid of delays in uploading and parallel optimization and for secured communication with SSL encryption.

Fitting to the technologically advanced world is not an easy task. One has to be competent enough and should update oneself to meet the changing requirements of this fast-moving world. We have witnessed a significant breakthrough in the e-commerce business and to be in the flow, we should make ourselves capable and productive keeping in mind that time is precious, and we should not be running out! If you ever feel confused and losing the competition, you need not worry, because, Virtina, the well- experienced e-commerce service providers are always ready to help you!

If you’re planning to improve your WordPress website performance Get in Touch with us for expert support. If you wish you may dial (888) 478-4799 to talk a woo expert.

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