SR Nair

eCommerce Strategist

SR Nair, with a Bachelor’s in Physics, an MBA, 16 years of corporate experience, 20+ years of entrepreneurship, and 10+ years of mentoring, has acquired quite a reputation as a respected and trustworthy public speaker, entrepreneur, adjunct professor, counselor, and mentor who went on to chair numerous professional and non-governmental organizations in India. He also divides his time between guiding, training, and supporting key organizations and individuals in management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Furthermore, he is an active voice in many of India’s social and professional movements. Besides, actively partaking in the mentoring responsibility of promising young and old entrepreneurs regularly. Over the years, he has co-founded several companies and was actively associated in the foundational stability, growth, structure, direction, innovation, and talent for many businesses, either as a Director, President, or an expert member. Beyond this, he participates in public speaking and debating to the point where he provides keynote speaking and training for various institutions.



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