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Five Tips To Be a Successful Shopify Expert

Shopify is an outstanding eCommerce platform which provides growth opportunities not only to retailers but also to developers. It allows developers to build and sell apps to their customers. Since Shopify has very extensive customer base, Shopify app development is an excellent business opportunity for developers.

However, becoming a soughtafter developer is a difficult task. Here we would like to give you some recommendations to be a Shopify expert in good demand.

  1. You have to understand your customer’s challenges first. Otherwise you can’t develop a useful solution to your customers. If they can’t find it useful, nobody is going to buy it even if how well it’s built. So in order to understand the customer needs, you have to be a Shopify Merchant first. Thus you will get ideas about the issues in Shopify and you can develop apps to solve them.
  2. Most of the Shopify customers have no technical knowledge. So they are not able to understand how the system works. Even though Shopify provides FAQs, and guidelines, they can’t make out what is meant by all these HTML, CSS, Jquery stuff. So the way you care will be decisive in your success. Provide world class care and support to  your customers.
  3. Increasing visibility is a hurdle before any app developer. Going open source is an ideal option to enhance visibility and build reputation on Shopify. Such efforts will be valued by others and you will get promoted easily.
  4. Cross-selling apps is a very good option for a startup Shopify developer. Develop a simple and highly useful app and give it for free of cost. When the app gets a warm reception by merchants, you can start selling promotions of your other apps through it. They will value your offers due to the trust you have already built.
  5. Don’t devalue your service. Don’t take up unprofitable projects in order to get more works in a hurry. The clients who are ready to value a product by its quality not by its price are the best ones to have a long term association. If you go otherwise, you will reach stage from which you can’t move further. So always keep this in mind when you fix the price for your app.

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And finally, you don’t have to spend too much amount and effort for online marketing. Spending a lot of money for paid campaigns don’t work for Shopify apps. Instead, Shopify will promote themselves on their platform. What you need to do is to create a good rapport with Shopify team and get their assistance to promote your apps.

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