Tricks convert visitors into buyers

Top 5 genuine eCommerce tricks to convert visitors into buyers

Okay, so you are into eCommerce and like every other eCommerce establishment, have visitors float in and out. Do not be disheartened. Here is what can take you many steps ahead by using 5 genuine tricks and convert those visitors into committed buyers of your products!

1. Start with an undeniably attractive landing page

Your landing page should speak to your consumer like it was your ace salesman out to make a killing star point. It should be charming, declare your brand value as higher than the skies and create an emotional connect – all in one go! Think Apple and their snazzy launches and their web pages and you are sure to go Wow ! Your landing page should have the same effect on your visitors – to the point where they feel compelled to purchase. Tickle their imagination while you remain true to your brand.

2. Get your visitors on board

There are some fantastic web tools out there to get customers who are searching for the products you stock onto your website. Activate your reviews section. And you will see the hits on your website as well as the consumer stories motivating people to purchase from you. The popular items will occupy centre stage as well here.

Visitors can also contribute towards better sales by being catered to. Make your website easy to browse through – like you would in a real time physical store.

3. Personalization

Think Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Each of these e-commerce stores offer personalization to a huge level. Once you log in, you first see products you may want to buy. Certain newer e-commerce stores even request you information on your style and customize it to the extent of the latest fashion picks in your very own style statement.

Add to it a gentle reminder of what is in their shopping carts and you would morph into a personal stylist for your visitors and create fantastic recall and comfort for them to shop from you – that too online.

4. Email them about their cart and wish lists!

Once again like Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra, keep an eye on the shopping carts of your visitors. Send them emails on how the items are fast selling out or expiring. A visual of what they had left in their cart, reminds them of having wanted to buy it and wanting them back on the website while promising them to deliver it promptly if they do choose to go ahead with the purchase- has a multi-layered effect. The consumer remembers, visits the site and eventually could end up purchasing something.

In fact you could even give a cart reclaim option, thus making you a benevolent e-commerce store for a confused customer.

5. Evolve!

Never stay stagnant on how you advertise your product. Make sales banners super attractive. Redo the marketing and the targeting from time to time. Create campaigns and play around with the look of the website – of course without making sea-changes that may confuse the customers. Work around existing elements to create new style and fashion suggestions depending on the profile of your visitor and have specific marketing plans for each phase of the year. You could tie up the offers and the products to specific days or even collaborate with charities to run a feel good campaign that will encourage visitors to buy – so not only would you be selling your product but also doing the World a good turn – and your visitor would feel the same and want to help.

The above 5 can take your business a really long way! But more importantly it creates a long term relationship with your visitors, converting them to buyers and points of referrals for new customers.

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