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Top reasons that make Magento 2 better than old versions

We can’t say, in a word or two, how the internet has changed our lives since the impact it has on us is highly far-reaching. It has unveiled new arenas for communication, learning, socialization, entertainment, business, and so on. One of the major areas that the internet has revolutionized is the global market. It has extended the market and brought in new methods through innovating ecommerce technologies. Every day, something new appears to revitalize its technology and practices. The most awaiting launch in ecommerce of 2013 is nothing else but Magento 2, the new version of Magento.

Magento is the most widely used ecommerce platform. Its flexibility, sleek designs, excellent user experience, sturdiness, security, etc., have made it the most popular ecommerce platform. Now, with a bunch of innovative features, Magento is all set to launch its new version. Let’s have a look at the new features expected to be packed with the new Magento 2.

–          Better Compatibility – Magento 2 will work fine with programming frameworks including PHP 5.3, Zend Framework. As it will compatible with databases like MSSQL, Oracle, etc., Windows Platform servers can ensure its perfect functioning.

–          More Speed – The development team ensures that the performance of Magento 2 will be faster than the versions in use now. The predicted increase is 20%. This will persuade more ecommerce businesses to choose Magento as their platform.

–          Lesser Conflict – In Magento 2, the JavaScript library will be the default jQuery library. It will help frontend developers a lot by resolving the prototype and jQuery conflict.

–          More Security – Magento 2 will come with significant changes in the structure of directory. By removing the skin folder from the root directory, it has only 5 compared to the 9 of Magento 1  in the root level. A new directory called ‘pub’ is introduced, and folders including JS, SKIN, and ERROR are taken to it from root. By enabling this, it helps developers protect codes from theft. This makes Magento 2 more secure than its previous version.

–          More Flexibility – The component-based structure of modules in Magento 2 will enhance the flexibility and performance of an ecommerce website. It makes the platform easier to handle. In component oriented architecture, high code coupling is used to connect all components like catalog, customer, checkout, CMS, sales, etc. So in a set of modules, developers get the freedom to enable or disable a component according to the need. If you want to use only catalog, then you can disable checkout or sales. This keeps the code base clean and less cluttered. Thus, it ensures more flexibility than the old version.

–          Less time for development – With the ‘concept of view in the module’, Magento 2 can remove complexity and reduce development time significantly. This new feature substitutes the base design package. This ‘concept of view’ enable a developer not to go for defining configuration, and instead help him create the view and put it to work.

What we have shared here is only the tip of the iceberg. There are too many excellent features getting ready to excite Magento developers and users across the world. It is sure that the introduction of a new version of Magento will equip businesses to improve their E-commerce services. So now, gear up to welcome Magento 2.

 Author : Santhosh P, Magento eCommerce developer at Virtina. He likes to write blogs about Magento and eCommerce store development.

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