Different development programs offer slightly altered options. Some provide more than others, each aiming for a sort of developer. Volusion is possibly one of the most complex development software suites available. This option gives total control to the developer, providing no templates or themes for you to build off of. This creates a multitude of choices to construct a site that is unique and definitively your own. With over 900 options, the program can appear to be extremely daunting. The benefits of using this form of store development are in that you are not limited by anything short of your imagination and skill. A talented individual or team can create something to rival any store, including the retail superstores you might see in the mall. Another benefit is the sites can be optimized for more than just search engines. The mobile device market is continuing to expand and populate. Everywhere you go, people have phones, tablets, and other devices that can allow quick access to online storefronts. Having a site be mobile-friendly is one option Volusion offers that cannot be ignored.

Among the sea of options, Volusion has some highlights most businesses will benefit from

  • Add social sharing to invite friends
  • Site-side discounts
  • Product specific coupons
  • Online cart system including emailing customers that abandon cart
  • VIP pages
  • Phone order capability
  • Product categories
  • Operate from mobile app

Using a team in-house can keep the creative control with you, but if you do not have the expertise to take advantage of this program suite it can end poorly. What you need is a set of experts that know the system and will work with you. Virtina thrives on taking your imagination and creating a site around your vision. We will work with you to create your site precisely how you want it. Volusion is a complicated program, but that also means it is versatile. We can create nearly anything with you using it. Let us make your site incredible!