Woocommerce 3.21

What’s New In WooCommerce 3.2

What’s new in WooCommerce 3.2? How you need to be prepared to make your site better with the latest update from WooCommerce. The WooCommerce 3.2 is not a major update but woocommerce have already suggested to make sure that the plugins are compatible by testing it over a staging server. As we have already mentioned since it’s not a major update, the plugins should be compatible with 3.0 and 3.1 websites, but as a certified woocommerce expert we recommend you to be on the safer side to avoid future issues.

WooCommerce had released a pre-update extension version checks which is intended to help the users to be informed about the status of compatibility of the extensions used, which again will not help if you have done any customization in regard to your specific requirements. For plugin developers this is a good news as the warnings that are generated will make the user alert about the compatibility and less chances of complaints which will eventually provide time for the developers to release a more compatible version for the users without taking risk on their exciting live websites.

  • User will have the visibility of the extensions/plugins which are compatible.
  • The discounts can be applied to the orders by using coupons, which can now be done without using manual calculations.
  • The shortcode for listing multiple products on the pages are being made less complex which is according the woocommerce “simplified and unified”
  • The WooCommrece.com extensions can be now managed with improved management features which are incorporated with the 3.2 update

The widespread issue that was caused during the 3.0 update had created a direct hit on the plugin’s reputation which has currently made this major decision to check the plugin compatibility before being updated. As a certified WooCommerce experts we would also suggest you along with woocommerce to test the plugins on testing server before updating the same on the live website.

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