WooCommerce 3.5

WooCommerce 3.5 – What You Can Expect

The updated version of WooCommerce comes with a few exciting features for both the store owners and developers. Even though it’s a minor update, the improved transactional emails will enhance the editing experience for the emails which is sent by store owners. The Rest API V3 provide additional features to the existing endpoints. So, in short, the improved features in WooCommerce 3.5 include:

1. Rest API V3
2. Improved Transactional Emails

Lets’s dig deeper,

1. Rest API V3
As mentioned earlier the Rest API V3 provide additional features to the existing endpoints. It will have the capability to batch the update settings. Also, there will be new data endpoints to fetch Continents, Countries, and Currencies. All the endpoints and their features can be found in the API documentation

2. Improved transactional emails
The old-fashioned default wordings of the WooCommerce transactional email is now more user-friendly and gets the human touch. This will definitely enhance the overall customer experience and, reduces the developers’ effort in customizing email templates.

In addition to these, there are some new features for the WooCommerce store owners like enhanced accessibility for the payment method settings page, export products by category in the CSV exporter and the store owners can set a low-stock threshold for individual products.

New features for the store developers, support the Custom Product Tables plugin, the WC-admin feature plugin and they have included new filters and actions to improve the customizing ability of the WooCommerce store.

As per the update from official WooCommerce blog, the WooCommerce 3.5 features will have:

  • WooCommerce logger will be used for Error logging of transactional emails
  • In 3.5 webhooks will be delivered using the Action Scheduler background processing library. It is previously used by the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and is now included in WooCommerce.
  • Several performance improvements

It is advisable to take the full backup of your WooCommerce store before going ahead with installing updates. As verified WooCommerce experts we can help you to update your store to WooCommerce 3.5 and make sure it runs smoothly without affecting the current store performance.

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