WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 Release : All that you need to know.

The WordPress 4.9 is scheduled to be released on 14 November 2017 and we got our hands on the Beta version of WordPress 4.9 and tried the new features and upcoming changes in the latest version of WordPress release.

What’s the features and Improvements you need to look for in the WordPress 4.9!
The Gallery Widget
The new gallery widget allows the user to create a native WordPress gallery and add it to any widget area. The user will have the add, edit and delete options.

Theme – Save & Schedule in Customizer.
The customization can now be saved as a draft and this will enable the user to continue making the changes in future and then make it live rather than updating the changes as soon as the changes are made.

Better Coding experience
The WordPress 4.9 has a much better code editing experience. The new code editor is available in the custom CSS, theme editor or plugin editor.
It has the ability to fix common syntax errors. The editor also has syntax highlighting, auto-completion and code suggestions.Syntax highlighting can be enabled/disabled.

Add Media button – in Text Widget
In WordPress 4.9, it eliminates the problem of writing code for adding the media button, instead, you can add it by Add Media Button on the top of the text widget.

Creating Menus is now having a better flow
WordPress 4.9 comes with an option to Create New Menu. The option enables the prompt to provide information on the name and menu locations at the same place. The user will be prompted to add pages to your menu. The user still has the option to change the menu location.

Global Notification Area – New features

Notifications area to provide the user with information on success/failure notifications for saves done after changes are made. In WordPress 4.9 these messages will be displayed in Global Notification Area under Save and Publish buttons.

Some other new features of WordPress 4.9:

  • SWFUpload library from the core has been removed.
  • Recursive – Search for files in plugin and theme editors.
  • The security has been improved when the user makes a change in the email address
  • Theme Widgets and navigation menus can be better mapped after switching themes.
  • Theme browsing experience has been improvised in the WordPress Customizer.

Hope you are ready for the new version release, Virtina as a certified Woocommerce Gold Partner and WordPress expert company, we recommend you to make sure that the plugins are compatible before the updating the WordPress to WordPress 4.9.

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