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eCommerce SEO Services that Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue

Search engines alone are responsible for 78% of all website traffic worldwide – which is why brands can’t continue to dismiss and overlook eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) anymore. If any brand is looking to feature at the top of the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP), then SEO will lead them to that glorious spot. All you’d need is an SEO specialist, like Virtina, to help you get there.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine - Search Engine Journal
eCommerce SEO

Top Benefits of eCommerce SEO

Brand Awareness

The best mark of smart and accurately done SEO is a higher positioning on SERP. As a result, more people see your website. Due to which, your brand's visibility goes up, and your product pages are more likely to be discovered before your competitors. What this does is, it elevates the awareness around your company.

Higher Leads

Since the website is placed high up on the first SERP, more people are noticing your website. Thus, the likelihood of someone clicking on the same has now gone up. As such, the traffic to the website will increase. More people frequenting the website will quite possibly result in a higher lead count.

Quality Traffic

eCommerce SEO works to ensure that the visitors on your website are potential prospects and not irrelevant-random traffic, disconnected from your industry base. Attracting the target audience improves the chances of conversions. Also, it lessens the time and effort of the sales team as they now attend to genuine inquiries.

Brand Credibility

Ranking on the top of SERP improves the perception of your brand. A high ranking on the first page of Google indicates credibility since Google’s algorithm only allows expert, authoritative, and trustworthy (E-A-T) sites to feature on the first page. The seal of approval from Google improves brand reputation. 

New Territories

The power of eCommerce SEO helps to penetrate regions that are otherwise alien to your brand. We help to acquire new customers and keep customer acquisition costs low. The crowd that was unfamiliar with your identity has now discovered your brand all of a sudden.


eCommerce SEO services are quite economical compared to paid advertisement campaigns. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costs a ton and is only effective as long as you have money in your cash reserves. Organic traffic does not dry up the moment you stop paying. Besides, many consumers detest ads, due to being overwhelmed by these ads on a day-to-day basis.


Now that the website is receiving quality traffic – the visitors are interested and invested in your brand and value proposition. As such, the probability of engaging and converting them will also rise. Intelligent eCommerce SEO has resulted in your brand gaining higher conversions.

Runs 24/7

Unlike offline marketing, which is only visible to your customers for a limited time, eCommerce SEO has no such limitation and runs 24/7. In fact, unlike a billboard that is static and won’t reach the customers – eCommerce SEO practices will help the consumer discover the relevant content when they seek it.


When it comes to marketing – no strategy gives you as high of an ROI as eCommerce SEO does. Marketing assisted by SEO is more impactful. Even offline marketing benefits a great deal from SEO. The content marketing needs to be backed up by proper SEO to maximize the returns.  

eCommerce SEO Services Offered by Virtina

When it comes to eCommerce SEO services, there is no limit to what the eCommerce SEO specialists at Virtina can accomplish with our knowledge, skills and resources. Entrusting us with your brand’s eCommerce SEO strategy – will propel it to the top of every SERP and give your company the growth it so deserves.

Virtina has specific SEO expertise for various eCommerce platforms. Due to having formerly successfully executed many radical and complex SEO campaigns for multiple companies on WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Prestashop, Vtex, OpenCart, and 3dCart.

We possess all the necessary tools and resources, and if that weren’t enough, with Virtina, you’d access the leading strategies and tactics - directly from the top SEO experts. We deploy personalized platform based SEO solutions – to create a sustainable path forward and to help grow your web store while increasing onsite traffic and revenue.


Highly effective keyphrases (Volume + Relevance)- research and selection. Rank checking and predictive keyword analysis.


Website content analysis, duplicate content analysis, content scarcity test, copywriting articles, blog posts, and guest blog content creation.

Meta Tags

Meta title errors and meta description errors. Analyze and fix- missing, duplicated, too long, or too short meta tags.

Link Protocols

Link analysis, link baiting, link reclamation, disavow, and redirect audit. Internal link restructuring and optimization. Fixing broken links and “302 redirects.” Backlinks quality analysis.

Website and Page Analysis

Assessing whether the website has an SEO friendly navigational structure or not. Analyze for bounce rates, retention time on the pages, page scroll depth. Page load and speed optimization. Check and optimize “404 error” pages.

Website and Page Analysis

Assessing whether the website has an SEO friendly navigational structure or not. Analyze for bounce rates, retention time on the pages, page scroll depth. Page load and speed optimization. Check and optimize “404 error” pages.

Google’s Ecosystem

Google Analytics and Google Search Console account setup and traffic analysis. Google My Business Setup and Auditing.

Competitor Analysis

Monitor and assess competitor data, such as website changes, link additions, long clicks, search ranking etc. We can even produce a comprehensive competitor intelligence report, based on our findings.


Setup and analysis of website sitemap. Creation and submission of sitemap.xml to Google or Bing. Automated XML sitemaps.

Schema HTML tags

Schema tags implementation to improve the way search engine result pages display your content. Star rating, publication date, and other rich snippets can be easily featured on the SERP results.

Image optimization

Tags implementation. Alternate text description added to all images.

Domains and URLs

URL structure optimization and URL mapping. Domain unification and canonicalization analysis.

Crawling and Robots

Crawl rate analysis and prioritization. Optimization of robots.txt. Ensure a higher presence of internal links on pages. Crawl rate analysis and prioritization

Information Architecture Audit

Analysis and suggestion to attain the best user experience, when navigating the pages of a website.

Social Media Engagements

Social media accounts setup and monitoring. Timeline design, avatar design, background design, content creation, and optimization for improving overall traffic.

57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other initiative - HubSpot
eCommerce SEO Assistance

Why choose Virtina for eCommerce SEO?

The eCommerce SEO model, followed by Virtina, uses the most cutting-edge and targeted solutions to help businesses attract the right customers, convert leads, and grow their business. Virtina employs result-driven eCommerce SEO strategies to boost sales, increase revenue, and improve profits.

Virtina gets to know your business goals and your brand identity, understands your market, and reviews the competitive landscape to extract insights - before formulating an eCommerce SEO campaign. Such an eCommerce SEO campaign will fit the size, scope, and reach of your company.

Our white-label eCommerce SEO strategies use analytical methods to evaluate what is working and what needs improvement. Gaining insights helps to make informed decisions about your SEO needs.

Beyond this, we take it upon ourselves to keep our clients in the loop regarding the progress - with frequent reporting and updates about the ongoing work.

  • Reporting

    Monthly – eCommerce SEO Reports, Keyword Reporting, Search Positions, Traffic, and Improvement Plans

eCommerce SEO Process

Initial SEO Audit and Research

The interim stage of any SEO process – will reveal the weakness in your current SEO strategy, reveal what your competitors are doing, and tailor a new eCommerce SEO strategy specific to your company.

 Keyword Research

This stage discovers and identifies rich, relevant and high volume keywords (search terms). Such keywords help to generate high traffic from the right audience – that is, from the buyer persona that matters to your company.

Keyword Prioritization

Once the keyword report is generated. We leave it to the client to pick the best-quality keywords that matches the KPI’s they are looking to target. The client gets the liberty to decide the keyword based on how they think a particular page will rank for a select keyword.

SEO Execution

Once the appropriate plan is finalized – we start the SEO execution from our side. This will be a recurring process and may require a monthly intervention for impactful results. Rest assured, as our client, you can sit back and relax as we’d handle everything from here onwards to ensure the best ROI on our collaboration.

SEO Package Selection

Use this stage to select the SEO package that best suits your requirements. The benefit being after a detailed consultation with us you’d know the perfect package that aligns best with your SEO requirements. No overspending!

Monthly Plan Estimation

Based on the keywords prioritized and the services requested by the client – we’ll come up with various plans. The plans would vary in value and the client is free to select the one that best meet their budget and other parameters. Each plan is customized in accordance with the client’s requirements.

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