Enchant your Visitors with a Robust eCommerce Store

eCommerce jewelry

Jewelry businesses can gain a ton from going digital; your store collections need to be showcased in rich detail, with stunning 360 degree views that will make the colors & craftsmanship of each gem; pop out and daze your visitors. Connect with the various touch points and address your audience from anywhere.

Displaying legit certifications for the lack of trust and providing a secure route for delivery are 2 of the biggest challenges cracked in recent years; to make online jewelry selling more credible.

Setup a Storefront on every device and go beyond the usual selling ways

Establish your brand online and elevate your offline status, get the global recognition as your visibility improves, reduce the risk of theft, sell on social media & even get direct communication with your buyers.

  • Going the eCommerce way, you gain the ability to display HD images, do personalized promotions, advanced SEO strategies, bring multi-currency and so much more to fuel your business.

  • Get to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality). Let your buyers create jewelry; put the control in their hands. Engrave text, place symbols, vary the color, change components. Customize as per your taste.

  • Take advantage of the powerful mobile apps that come with tailor-made features, something that’d simplify your marketing and make it more potent, also help buyers find you on the phone.

  • Create a multi-level category tree for the various SKU’s. Connect the same to various menus and elements. No matter how vast your stock is, all items are listed with perfection.

Explore the omnichannel potential with Virtina and move to every touch point possible. Become accessible to the large user base that hopes to complete their ornament shopping on any device they wish.

Launch your website now

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